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We now have more than 200 “Moments” post on our Moments Website.  Thank you for sharing all of your inspiring stories.  Keep them coming!  Here are a few heartwarming stories submitted within the last week.

Dancing Out of the Door
We had a patient come in that had never worn hearing aids and never thought he would have to. His wife convinced him to come in for the free test and he had severe loss in both ears. We fit him with a set of hearing aids and he wore them for a week and came back to return them. He was very upset and frustrated, said they were horrible. He was convinced hearing aids were not for him. We were able to calm him down and fit him with another pair of hearing aids. He came back 1 week later with a huge smile on his face! He was almost in tears as he thanked us for being so patient with him. He loved the new set of aids and appreciated the extra time we spent with him. He left the office that day literally dancing out the door. He has stopped in only one time since he purchased 6 months ago just to tell us how his life has changed. He can hear his wife now, he lowered the volume on the t.v., he can enjoy lunch with his friends and actually join in the conversation! It was a great experience for everyone!
Amber Seabaugh, HearingPro

Hearing Her Husband Say “I Love You”
After fitting my patient, she stated that she no longer was hearing through the “fog” and that speech was just clear. She then turned to her husband and asked him to talk to her without looking at her and he did and there were tears in her eyes because he had told her that he loved her.
Denise Testa, North Canton Medical Foundation

Hearing the Birds Again
As the Customer Relations Manager at an audiological practice, I hear stories daily about the joy people feel when they are fit with hearing aids and can now hear things they had forgotten. But it was personally moving the afternoon when my Father-in-Law got his hearing aids and as we walked out of the office together, he stopped dead in his tracks and listened to the birds, which he had not heard for over a decade.
    Kim Marie Nicols, Hearing Care Center

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