Phone Clip+ Buzz from the Blogosphere

Since we announced the release of the Unite Phone Clip+ and Control application earlier this month, a number of bloggers have been providing their thoughts and experiences.

Dr. Kristin at Hearing Revolution says, “Kudos to ReSound for taking a step forward and giving their users more power to control their hearing aids with their smartphones.  In today’s society, so very many people use their smartphones for nearly everything…banking, to check the weather, to keep in contact with loved ones, the list goes on…and now to adjust their hearing aids.  Technology is simply amazing.”

Geoff at Just Audiology Stuff says, “The release of actual made for iPhone hearing instruments is probably not far away…… I think that the made for iPhone instruments will encourage earlier adoption. I think it will do so by removing barriers to hearing instrument adoption. The stigma which has already been reduced will be further attacked. The association between hearing instruments and a desirable piece of consumer electronics will give us tangible benefits.”

Megan at Hearing Sparks is “excited to hear about new products and apps coming out in the wake of Apple’s decision to touch on accessibility and hearing aids.”  “I’m even happier to see Android apps won’t be far behind,” she says.

We expect our Android Control App to be available in the next few weeks.

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