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Melissa Carnes, AuDLast week, we received this email from Melissa Carnes, AuD, at Nardelli Audiology, sharing her thoughts and experiences fitting Verso.  Melissa’s comments reinforced again that Verso is a hit!

Good Morning,

I just thought I would share some of my thoughts about Verso.  As you know, it wasn’t really until April this year that I started fitting mostly ReSound, so I just thought I would share how great the Verso has been because I really felt like Alera was a great hearing aid and I wasn’t so sure that Verso could be that much better.  I also felt like Phonak hearing aids (the manufacturer I used to primary fit) also had amazing products. So I wanted to share how great fitting the Verso has been for my patients.

  1. I am surprised that it is actually better than Alera. You know I have to be convinced and, after the last few months, I’m convinced. I had a patient who wanted to try everything and he tried a set of Phonak Smart S IX and Verso 9. In the end, he chose the Verso (even though he liked the size of the Phonak better) because he preferred the sound quality of the Verso.  This is a younger gentleman and now I’m glad he tried both because it was interesting to get his opinion.
  2. I am very surprised by how accurate the first fit has been. I have hardly had to make any adjustments at follow up appointments (I do have my default set to experienced user, so I usually turn it down a little but that is it). We typically see a patient every week for 4 weeks and over these 4 weeks there have been very few complaints and adjustments made.  I have also been doing REM and the results look really good.  Because so little time is needed fine tuning the aids, I have much more time to do REM and work with the accessories.  I would say most of the follow-up appointments involve going over the accessories again.
  3. I had a patient in her 40s who owns a hair salon and she is currently wearing Dot 30s and really struggling to hear clients.  I put Verso 9 on her and gave her a Mini Mic to clip to her clients aprons and she cried in the office.  That is powerful.
  4. I take back what I said about using the Naida for all my severe to profound patients. I have a patient with severe to profound hearing horrible discrim and he was wearing Exelia Art ITE.  I finally convinced him he needed to switch to BTE. My gut instinct was the Naida, but after being in Miami I wanted to give the Verso 88 a try.  His daughter came to the appointment and couldn’t believe how well he could understand us.  I demoed the TV Link, which of course he took home with him.  At his follow ups, he was so pleased and there were no changes needed except to turn them down a little. He is so excited about being able to watch TV. He has told everyone and referred his barber. So, I have to confess, I was wrong. The Naida is not the only answer for severe to profound. I will now fit the Verso 88.  (There is no question – the TV link sealed the deal)  There are no feedback issues with the aid at all.
  5. I have another patient wearing Dot 30 Power Receivers.  He finally decided to try the Verso 9 with Standard Receivers. He is very skeptical and has waited a very long time to buy new aids, but said he wanted to try these because of the ad we ran and it talked about the TV Link.  He was blown away at the clarity and how much better he can hear. He loves the TV Link and decided to keep the aids after just a week. They fit much better in his ears because he can wear the standard receiver, which was another plus.
  6. I can’t say enough about how well the hearing aids have been holding up, both Alera 62 and Verso 62.  There are very few problems. I have had no moisture problems and hardly anything being sent in for repair.  That is amazing; I’m very impressed by the durability. I also like the choice of receivers coming from fitting the smaller receiver on Phonak products. For many years, there was a constant flow of patients coming in because their hearing aids were “dead”, when really they just had wax.  The receivers were so small, patients couldn’t see to clean them and they were always bringing them in complaining. The larger ReSound receiver has drastically cut down on patients complaining about their hearing aids sounding “dead”, so it is great that patients are not getting frustrated with their hearing aids. Then, having the choice of the S receiver is great for those smaller ears.


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