Tech Tips – ReSound Verso DFS II Ultra

Performing Calibration in Aventa 3.4

Verso DFS II Ultra and Auto DFS
ReSound Verso hearing instruments offer both DFS II Ultra and Auto DFS. While Auto DFS is available for times when running calibration is not an option, DFS Ultra II is the preferred and superior feedback management system.

Verso DFS II Ultra Calibration
In order for DFS II Ultra to be active, a calibration in Aventa 3.4 must be performed. If it appears the progress bar remains inactive or grayed out after initiating a Verso calibration, the following steps can be used to resolve the issue:

  • Exit the, ‘Calibrate DFS,’ screen.
  • Temporarily disconnect the hearing instruments by opening and closing the battery doors,
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds, then,
  • Re-initiate the connection sequence and proceed with calibration.

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