Tech Tip – Aventa 3.4 Will Always Use The Newest Audiogram

Option 2- Restore Factory Settings

Aventa 3.4 will always use the newest audiogram. This may be stored either in the hearing instrument, or in Noah. The October 2012 Tech Tip outlined one workaround method when wanting to use the Noah Audiogram, providing steps to update the Noah Aud. If you choose not to update the Noah Aud, this November 2012 Tech Tip provides steps for an alternate method, using Restore Factory Settings. This method utilizes a hardwired connection.

  • Prior to launching Aventa 3.4, confirm:
    – Fresh battery in the hearing instrument(s).
    – A hardwired connection, using Speedlink, Noahlink, or HI-PRO.

Note: if you were connected via Airlink, stay in Aventa 3.4, break the connection by opening the battery doors and when prompted with the, “Connection Error,” message, select, “Cancel.” Attach the hearing instrument to the hardwired connection, navigate to the Start screen, select the appropriate new interface, and, “Connect.” Proceed to the “Restore Factory Settings,” step.

  • Launch into Aventa 3.4 and follow the prompts
    Screen shot 1 data mismatch message

Screen shot 2 New Audiogram











  • Restore Factory Settings
    – From the main menu, select, “Instrument,” and “Restore Factory Settings.”

Screen shot 3 Restore Factory Settings






  • Select, “Continue.”

Screen shot 4 Restore Warning




  • Select the appropriate hearing instrument side, interface choice and, “Restore Factory Settings.”

Screen shot 5 Restore options

Screen shot 6 loading












  • If you have a binaural fit and would like to restore both instruments, once the first instrument is complete, select the other side and proceed.

Screen shot 7 ear selection.





  • When you have completed the Factory Restore, select, “Close.”

Screen shot 8 close





  • Exit Aventa 3.4- DO NOT save the data.

Screen shot 9 exit Aventa





  • Launch back into Aventa 3.4 and initiate the connection sequence.
    – When prompted, select, “Keep Current Session Fitting Data” (Do Not Read).
    – Proceed with your fit.

screen shot 10 unsaved changes prompt

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