Bloggers Talk About Tinnitus

In the wake of our announcement this week about ReSound’s new partnership with the Tinnitus Practitioner’s Association (TPA), here’s a look at what hearing industry bloggers are saying about Tinnitus treatment.

Hearing Mojo blogger, David Copithorne, talks about an interesting phenomenon he has noted among his over-50 friends. “These guys (yes, they are usually guys) wouldn’t be caught dead being treated for their very normal age-related hearing loss, but they run right to the audiologist at the first sign of tinnitus-related ringing, hissing, humming, whooshing or other unwanted sounds in their ears.”

Even more interesting, he remarks, “is that when they come home from the audiologist, they often are wearing tinnitus-treatment devices in their ears that look suspiciously like, yes, hearing aids…”

Could tinnitus be a way of overcoming the stigma?  Are boomers really more likely to seek help for unwanted noise in their ears than for age-related hearing loss?  If so, as Copithorne notes, tinnitus might well be an indirect path into the audiologist to catch untreated hearing loss as well.

One blogger being treated for both tinnitus and hearing loss is Jeffrey Swartz.  In April 2012, after several years of sinus and ear infections, Jeff suddenly lost his hearing and it’s getting progressively worse.  Jeff’s blog, “My World of Silence“, is about learning to accept, adapt to and appreciate silence.

Tinnitus has always been a problem for Jeff and he recently started wearing ReSound Alera TS hearing aids with the Tinnitus Sound Generator.  In his blog post, “My Wife is Going to Kill Me!“, Jeff talks about a surprising new benefit he found from wearing his Alera TS.

After persevering with his wife’s snoring for years, out of the blue, Jeff found a remedy.  Wearing his hearing aids in bed and using the tinnitus program blocks out his wife’s snoring. “I guess you can say I “killed two birds with one stone” using my ReSound Alera tinnitus program,” he says.




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