Verso Flight Mode Update

The flight mode functionality was changed from Alera to Verso to prevent patients from accidentally placing the instrument in flight mode. These instructions will help provide additional detail about getting Verso instruments out of flight mode.

Updated User Guide instructions on Verso flight mode:

It is possible to disable wireless operation by opening and closing the battery compartment three times within a ten second period (open-close, open-close, open-close). Your instruments will now be in flight mode.

If the hearing instrument is in flight mode, the hearing instrument must have been operating in flight mode for at least 10 seconds before attempting to enable wireless again. It is possible to re-enable wireless operation by opening and closing the battery door once. 10 seconds after this operation is completed, wireless operation will begin again.

Note: It is important to wait an additional 15 seconds after wireless function resume before opening and closing the battery compartment again for any reason. If the battery compartment is opened and closed during this 15 second window, flight mode will resume.

Trouble-shooting tip:

If you encounter a hearing instrument that appears to be stuck in flight mode, make sure you wait the required 15 seconds after enabling wireless mode before opening the battery door again. If you don’t wait long enough, the hearing instruments will move back into flight mode and the patient will mistakenly think there is a problem with the hearing instrument.

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6 thoughts on “Verso Flight Mode Update”

  1. Is there a way of deactivating this function altogether? I have a patient with learning difficulties who requires wireless functionality for the mini-mic but keeps playing with the battery drawers and accidentally putting them into flight mode. Can I switch off flight mode somehow in the software?

    1. Hi Jen, unfortunately there is not a way in the software to deactivate the flight mode functionality. One suggestion might be a battery door lock, however that would require a caregiver change the batteries for the patient. If you do have other questions, you can always call our Technical Support Team at (800) 248-4327 or

  2. How should I know that my hearing aid already in the flight mode? Is there any sound that differentiates normal mode & flight mode?

    1. Hi Nurul, thanks for contacting ReSound. ReSound hearing aids in flight mode will be indicated by double tones when starting up the hearing aids versus a single tone for normal mode. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Support team at or (888) 735-4327.

  3. What will happen if I don’t activate the flight mode? I’ve been trying to open & close the battery compartment 3 times within 10 seconds but there are no changes at all & my remote control also still functioning as usual.

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