Consultation Sales Process: Deep Dive 3

Greg StaffordBy Greg Stafford, Strategic Accounts Manager

You have successfully completed the patient’s consultation and have come to an agreement and understanding of the treatment options, so now it is time for “Step 6” of your consultation sales process: “The Close”.

Once you and the patient agree to treatment, the close allows you to add value beyond just the purchase and use of new hearing instruments. The close is an opportunity to summarize your solutions as a package of services. The end goal is that your patient will perceive doing business with you as an investment rather than a product purchase, in other words relationship-based, long term versus transactional, short term.

Here are the key components to a successful close:

  • Show and explain your Service Commitment Guarantee
  • Present treatment, for example, “We’ve decided today you need help hearing better specifically with X, X and X (insert top 3 challenging hearing conditions for the patient). Is this correct? Then it’s my expert opinion that you will benefit most by X (insert hearing aid recommendation/make/model/quantity)”
  • Present printed price. We recommend to use some form of pricing placement that displays technology level recommended along with price and warranty programs associated with the different technology levels – Demanding, Moderate or Basic.
  • Resolve any concerns regarding pricing
  • Gain purchase commitment from patient. Install confidence in the solution, for example “Mr./Mrs. X, I am certain this technology will improve your quality of life. Let’s get started?”
  • Schedule delivery appointment or move to the fitting of the product.

A little more about the importance of the Service Commitment Guarantee, a successful close creates value for your buyer beyond the value that is inherent in your product, so be sure to point out each aspect of the Service Commitment Guarantee:

  • Repair warranty
  • Loss and damage coverage
  • Complimentary clean and optimize
  • Hearing instrument computer adjustments
  • Re-tubing
  • Annual hearing evaluation
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Exchange/return privileges
  • Upgrade value protection

Following the 7 step consultative sales process, as outlined in our 4 blog posts on this topic, will help your patients understand better the need for amplification and will lead to much higher closure rates.

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