Audiology Outreach in Guatemala

We have written in the past about ReSound’s work with Auburn University to help hearing impaired impoverished children in Guatemala. We’re pleased to  say that the program received a 2012 Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grant to fund Tele-health.

Students and faculty in the Audiology Outreach Project were recently in Guatemala City providing support for the hearing health care program that has been developed in the city schools.  One mother cried as her 3 year old daughter said “Mama” for the first time.  She had previously been unable to speak due to her hearing impairment.

The visitinChildren in Guatemalag students and faculty tested children and adults at the Los Patitos school.  A bit of excitement was added to their first day when Dr. Watts discovered a blue crayon in one little girl’s ear!

It was also heart warming to see children from previous mission trips that had smoothly transitioned into a normal school.

On one day, Patricia, the wife of the mayor of Guatemala City, visited the school, and the children dressed up different costumes and sang the National Anthem.  It was Patricia who founded the schools and invited Auburn University to Guatemala to develop this hearing healthcare program.

Here is a video of the children singing the National Anthem:

Read more about the Audiology Outreach Program in The Auburn Plainsman.

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