Tech Tip – ReSound Airlink Troubleshooting

ReSound’s Airlink™ is a truly wireless programming interface, using a 2.4 GHz transmission directly to antennae in the hearing instruments. This revolutionary method eliminates any additional relay devices and cables, ensuring patient comfort with state of the art programming.

If Airlink™ appears to connect to the hearing instruments initially, but then loses connection, or if an issue with calibration occurs, please check the following troubleshooting techniques:

  • Confirm that you are using new batteries, inserted during the fitting session.
  • Check the location and orientation of the Airlink™. The best configuration is:
    • Vertical orientation at table height.
      • USB hub may be utilized, if needed.
  • Interface Conflict with Siemens ConnexxLink™
    • Unplug the Siemens ConnexxLink™ dongle from its USB port, or hub, close Aventa 3, re-enter the software and re-establish connectivity with ReSound hearing instruments.
    • ConnexxLink™ may be left unplugged while not in use, or re-inserted into the USB port or hub, when programming with Airlink is complete.
    • ConnexxLink™utilizes a Bluetooth signal sent to an electromagnetic relay unit (using a loop that sits around the patient’s neck).

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