Demoing is the Key to Success

Robin Donham, Product Training ManagerRobin Donham, Product Training Manager for ReSound, recently wrote an article for ADVANCE for Hearing Practice Management on the importance of having a patient test drive a product first hand.

Just as you would try out different pairs of glasses to see how they look on you, it’s important to test out hearing products to experience how they feel and perform.  We’ve been told many times by audiologists and dispensers that if they can get patients to try out ReSound Alera, “it sells itself”.

Here are some demonstration advantages and steps to get started in your clinic:

Advantage 1 – No Need to State the Obvious
The patient can hear through the device and experience the benefits first hand. They can also try out wireless accessories and visualize how they would help their individual lifestyle.

Advantage 2 -The Reality of the Hearing Impaired Patient’s Distorted World
Significant barriers to communication, even for non-hearing impaired individuals, include understanding speech from a distance, especially in excessively noisy or reverberant environments.  Wireless accessories help overcome these barriers.  Our customers have commented time after time about the astonishment and emotion of their patients who are really able to hear again because of this technology.

Advantage 3 – Reducing Returns
It’s really important to set expectations. Truthfully, we are selling a product that cannot compete with the natural functioning of a normal ear. Realistic expectations reduce the risk of returns.

Advantage 4 – Looks are Everything
The term “hearing aid” has many negative connotations attached to it. The average person immediately associates “hearing aids” with nursing homes or the “big beige banana.” The simple fact is that people today need demonstrations so that they can obtain a feel for the product visually. If they can come in and see the product on themselves before buying, it will help them shed many of these negative stereotypes about hearing devices.

Read the full “Technology Test Drive” article.

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