ReSound On “Tanisha Gets Married”

ReSound has donated hearing aids to the Oxygen Docu-Series “Tanisha Gets Married”.  Tanisha Gets Married

Tanisha’s groom, Clive Muir, woke up one morning with sudden hearing loss. It was accompanied by Tinnitus and Vertigo, which were so bad that Clive was hospitalized.  ReSound worked with customer, Dr. Joanne Rosenberg at Family Hearing Center in NJ, to fit Clive with Alera 9 hearing aids.

The episode that aired on May 14th showed Tanisha and Clive visiting Family Hearing Center for the initial consultation.  Dr. Rosenberg tested Clive’s hearing and determined that he had 25 – 30% hearing loss in each ear.

Joanne Rosenberg was recently interviewed by David Kirkwood of Hearing Health Matters.  Read the interview.

Check out the video of Clive at Family Hearing Center with Dr. Joanne Rosenberg.Family Hearing Center - Dr. Joanne Rosenberg

“Having ReSound hearing aids featured on Oxygen is great exposure for our brand,” says Kevin Mensink, VP of Marketing, ReSound. “It’s important that the public is aware that hearing loss does occur in young people and that hearing instruments are simple, practical solutions that can completely transform a person’s quality of life.”

Read the full press release.

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1 thought on “ReSound On “Tanisha Gets Married””

  1. That is wonderful. It would be scary to have your hearing effected in such a way. Something extremely positive came out of this reality show. I think Tanisha should feel proud to know it’s b/c of her that they were even able to get such a wonderful gift for Clive due to her being connected to the industry. I wish them the best. Oh & Tanisha seems like a lovely girl. She seems to be a good friend as well not to mention she has personality & is very funny. Out of all the reality shows with different people etc, I feel Tanisha is one of the most real types & I don’t say that easily.

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