New ClearPath iPad App for Audiologists

ClearPath iPad AppWe’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new iPad application – ClearPath – designed to help audiologists and dispensers in the patient counseling process.  The free tool helps show patients how an investment in top-level technology will deliver the listening experience that is most important to them.


Key Features
•    The ability to counsel around product, lifestyle or the patient’s audiogram
•    Capability to show how the patient’s hearing loss will impact their ability to hear in environments that are important to their lifestyle (restaurant, sporting events etc.)
•    A customized consultation report that can be printed or emailed directly to the patient
•    An interactive questionnaire that relates key ReSound hearing instrument technologies with the hearing lifestyle priorities of the patient.

Benefits for Audiologists
•    ClearPath will help you engage the customer in a customized patient counseling experience, helping to differentiate your private practice from low cost or online hearing aid providers.
•    ClearPath helps support your individual counseling process, allowing you to navigate the consulting conversation in whatever way is most comfortable or most appropriate.
•    ClearPath will help you point to specific patient advantages that higher levels of ReSound technology (Alera 7 or Alera 9) can deliver. It is designed to help relate the hearing priorities of the patient to the benefits that top technology can deliver.

Benefits for Patients
•    ClearPath helps you to engage patients directly during the counseling process, helping them feel ownership of the buying decision. ClearPath helps patients feel that they are participating in the counseling session, making it easier for them to understand and accept the product recommendations you make.
•    ClearPath helps you teach Patients how their hearing loss impacts and lessens their ability to enjoy specific scenarios and activities that are important to them.
•    ClearPath allows you to provide patients with a customized report that summarizes the counseling session and includes their responses to the questionnaire, their audiogram showing their hearing loss, and the specific model and technology level you recommend for them.
•    ClearPath helps patients better understand the value of their investment in hearing aid technology by helping educate them on the various ReSound hearing instrument technology levels and how key features can help them hear better in scenarios or environments that are important to them.

Audiologist Feedback
Jim Zeigler, a ReSound customer in PA, had the following feedback after experiencing the benefits of ClearPath first-hand.

“A husband and wife each scheduled an hour for a demo based on our routine newspaper add. When they arrived, the husband informed the audiologist that he gets his hearing aids through the VA and he just scheduled his appointments so his wife would come in.  I assumed with someone in the family getting “free” hearing aids, the demo looked like it was heading for entry level digital hearing aids. Fortunately, our audiologist had the patient (and her husband) complete the lifestyle assessment through the ClearPath app. They discussed important listening environments in detail based on the prompts from the app.”

“When the lifestyle assessment was completed, Alera 9s were recommended for the patient, based on she and her husband’s input. Alera 9s were programmed for a listening demonstration and the important features highlighted in the app were discussed. Based on the demo and lifestyle information, the patient ordered the Alera9s. She is scheduled to be fit later this week. I can tell you that I was more than pleasantly surprised when I checked on the orders at the end of the day and found out how far off I was in my initial assumptions. The app definitely helped walk through all the steps for lifestyle assessment and provides the necessary prompts to have an in depth discussion of hearing needs and what is and is not important for the patient. I am looking forward to using it for more patients.”

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