The Three Pillars of a Successful Practice

This week, we held our second Business Partner Summit, a 3 day workshop designed specifically for ReSound customers to discuss topics that will help them optimize and grow their practice.  The Summit was held at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas, February 29 to March 2, and centered on “The Three Pillars of a Successful Practice”:

  • Driving Traffic
  • Managing People
  • Financial Management

The 3 day workshop included training sessions from industry experts and from customers who shared their own successes and insights.  Topics included marketing, selling and positioning your practice, financial management, cash flow for success, and coaching and developing staff.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting recaps of the sessions on the blog. Specific sessions presented:

  • “Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience”
  • “Industry Trends and How They Impact You”
  • “Understanding Financial Statements”
  • “Building a Statement of Cash Flows”
  • “Trends in Consumer Marketing”
  • “Building a Winning Team”
  • “Four Primary Mistakes in Sales”

Check back for key takeaways from these sessions in the coming weeks.


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