Global Audiology’s Commitment to the Needs of Hearing Aid Users and Clinicians in the Forefront

Laurel Christensen, GN ReSoundBy Laurel Christensen

As the technologies that can be implemented in hearing aids become ever more complex, it becomes ever more important to keep the needs of those who will use these technologies in the forefront. Is it cool if directionality can switch to point behind the user when speech is detected from that direction? Absolutely! Does it make sense for hearing aids to do this? Probably not. Not everything that is feasible, or even “cool”, deserves to be put into hearing aids. When ReSound first introduced the Alera with its digital wireless capabilities, engineers rigged special “presentation” hearing aids for us to change Powerpoint slides when giving presentations. This was undeniably fun, clever, and feasible, but is a feature that would add little-to-no value for any potential user of the hearing aid. The primary job of Global Audiology at ReSound is to represent hearing aid users and dispensing professionals in all aspects of hearing aid design. The commitment shared by this team ensures that any product or feature that ReSound includes is meaningful and adds value and benefit for those who will use them.

Global Audiology draws upon scientific rigor and in-depth clinical experience to guide new product development that is both advanced and practical. This is reflected in the inspiration ReSound continually takes in natural hearing processes. Alera has been successful as a product because it follows our philosophy to use our knowledge of the normal hearing ear to design products.  Alera builds on a long held philosophy that to the extent possible our hearing aids should work to restore the function of the normal-hearing cochlea to those with sensorineural hearing loss. This has resulted in such innovations as Directional Mix technology and Remote Microphone custom devices. Both of these concepts have been proven in peer-reviewed literature to aid in localization ability and sound quality. Likewise, ReSound relied on studies of end-user and audiologist requirements in developing the application of wireless technologies that provide easily understood, dispensed, and used products – not just products with theoretically-based stories.

We follow up our work on product development with in-field support. In 2011 alone, the two dozen Global Audiology members partnered with our sales and training teams to meet dispensing professionals at no fewer than 100 events across the globe. You can meet our team of dedicated audiologists, read our blogs, see our publications, and contact us directly at

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  1. Hi there, I had recently open new hospital in Atlanta and I am looking for audiologist who is able to communicate with people of all age and have knowledge about hearing and related disorders.

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