Alera 60/61 RIE FAQs

Will Alera connect with current FM devices?
No, the 60 and 61 RIE devices will not connect with current FM devices.

Does the “non-wireless” version, the Alera 60, have a push button?
No, because the small size is prioritized for this model.

Does Alera use the same receivers as DOT2?
The NP and HP receivers are the same for these 2 devices, however, the LP receiver cannot be used on Alera.

Why is there no LP receiver?
The LP receiver was introduced primarily to allow individuals with normal or near-normal hearing to use the Live TS™ tinnitus feature without circuit noise from the instrument masking the tinnitus sound generator signal. Potentially, this receiver could also alleviate noise complaints of those with mild hearing losses who complained of noise with the Live™. Because of the new ReSound Range chip, the noise floor of the circuit has been reduced dramatically, eliminating the need for a receiver with lower output.

How long should a battery last for the Alera 61 wireless RIE hearing instrument?
Battery life is dependent on a number of factors: hours usage of wireless, the degree of hearing loss, the features activated in the device, and the surrounding environment. The following is based on real measurements.

Alera 961-DRW (NP and HP): Fitted to be in the middle of the fitting range, Expasion ON, Noise tracker ON, DFS ON, Adaptive directionality ON. Battery capacity 180 mA hours.

Questions about Alera 60 RIE and 61 RIE

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