Alera FAQs – AirLink Fitting

Does the Aventa 3 fitting software need to be installed before I plug in the AirLink Fitting Accessory?
Yes, Aventa 3 fitting software must be installed on the PC for the AirLink Fitting Accessory to work. The driver that supports AirLink is installed during the Aventa 3 installation.

What happens if the Aventa 3 fitting software isn’t installed on the PC before plugging in the Fitting Accessory?
If Aventa 3 fitting software isn’t installed on the PC when plugging in the AirLink Fitting Dongle, the PC will keep searching for the AirLink driver unsuccessfully.

Will the AirLink work if my computer is under my desk?
Yes, however, connection issues are more likely if there is metal between the Airlink and the hearing aids, for example if the desk is metal.

Can Alera be programmed without the AirLink?
Yes, with standard CS 63 cables and flex strips

Knowing that the range of the AirLink is about 3m (10 ft), can there be interference with a neighboring fitting session?
Yes, it is possible to identify and connect the wrong hearing instruments wirelessly.  If the instruments have already been assigned in a fitting, a warning will appear if you try to connect to the wrong ones.  It is always a good idea to “beep” the hearing instruments when connecting to ensure that they are the right ones.

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