Tech Tip – Pairing the Mini Microphone in Aventa 3.2.5

The Unite™ Mini Microphone brings wireless technology to a whole new level.  This versatile and easy to use accessory is paired and used with Alera hearing aids upgraded in the Aventa 3.2.5 software.

To work with the Unite™ Mini Microphone, Alera hearing aids must be upgraded in Aventa 3.2.5.

  • If the hearing instrument(s) being paired to the Mini Microphone have not been upgraded in Aventa 3.2.5, then Aventa will appear to continually search for the Unite™ Mini Microphone, however the accessory will not be found.
  • Solution: Close Aventa 3.2.5, re-open the software, proceed with the instrument(s) upgrade, then pair to the Unite™ Mini Microphone.

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