Alera FAQs – Unite Phone Clip

How do I pair the Unite Phone Clip and my mobile phone?
The pairing procedure is controlled by your mobile phone. Different mobile phones have different menu structures. You should therefore refer to your mobile phone’s manual if you cannot complete the pairing procedure with the generic steps described here.

a.   Charge and turn ON both your ReSound Unite Phone Clip and mobile phone. Place them next to each other. The ReSound Unite Phone Clip will be in Bluetooth pairing mode only in the first two minutes after having been turned ON.
b.   Find the connectivity settings of your phone. Look for the “Bluetooth” feature in the main menu or one of the submenus, such as “Connectivity”.
c.   On your mobile phone, ensure that the Bluetooth is turned ON.
d.   On the mobile phone choose to search for Bluetooth devices.
e.   Your mobile phone should present a list of Bluetooth devices discovered. Select “Hearing Aid Phone” from this list.
f.   Your mobile phone may then ask you to enter a passcode. If so, enter “0000” (four zeros).

Your ReSound Unite Phone Clip should now be paired to your mobile phone. Some mobile phones may ask which Bluetooth service you wish to enable, select “Headset”.

Why is the Pin code: 0000 not being accepted?
This could be caused by a number of things:
a.   The Unite Phone Clip was not in pairing mode when you were trying to pair the device i.e. the phone with it.
b.   You exceeded the time limit: The Unite Phone Clip will only stay in pairing mode for 2 minutes.  If you exceed this time limit you will need to repeat the pairing process.

Why can’t my phone find the Unite Phone Clip?
a.   The Unite Phone Clip may be outside the range of the device you are trying to pair it with. Move the devices closer together and reattempt pairing.
b.   Unite Phone Clip may not be in pairing mode.

Where should I place the Unite Phone Clip?
Clip your ReSound Unite Phone Clip on your sweater, jacket or other clothing so that the     microphone inlet faces upwards. Keep the device within a range of 10-30 cm    (4-12 inches)     from your mouth. You may also clip it on to the windshield in your car.

How do I turn on the Unite Phone Clip?
To turn ON your ReSound Unite Phone Clip, press and hold the multifunctional button for about 3 seconds until you see the LED indicator blinking.

How do I turn off the Unite Phone Clip?
To turn it OFF, press and hold the multifunctional button for about 3 seconds until the LED indicator flashes quickly 4 times and then goes dark.

Can other people with Bluetooth-enabled phones listen in on my conversation?
No. When you pair the Unite Phone Clip to a Bluetooth-enabled phone, you are creating a private link between only these two Bluetooth devices. An encryption key is generated to encrypt all further communication providing for maximum privacy.

Can other devices interfere with or disturb my conversation?
Other radio frequency devices in near proximity may cause interference, usually adding a crackling noise. Examples of such devices are other Bluetooth devices, wireless networks, microwave ovens, baby monitors and remote controls.

How long does the battery last?
Battery consumption and the operating time of your ReSound Unite Phone Clip depend greatly on the usage of the device. On average, a fully charged battery will allow for 5 hours talk time and up to 40 hours standby.

How do I charge the Unite Phone Clip?
To charge the Unite Phone Clip, plug the charging cable into the Unite Phone Clip. Then plug the other end of the charging cable into a power outlet.

Is the Unite Phone Clip waterproof?
No, it isn’t. Like other electronic devices, exposure to water or excessive moisture may damage the product. If the Unite Phone Clip is unintentionally exposed to water or moisture, wipe it carefully.

Does the Phone Clip allow for voice dialing?

How do I accept a mobile phone call?
When a call is received on your mobile phone, the Bluetooth indicator will flash and after a certain delay you will hear the ringing tone in your hearing instruments. You can answer the call in two ways:
a.   To accept the incoming call, briefly press the multifunctional button on your ReSound Unite Phone Clip. If you are wearing two hearing instruments, the caller’s voice will be streamed to both of them.
b.   You can also accept calls by pressing the accept button on your mobile phone.

How do I reject a phone call?
To reject incoming calls press the multifunctional button twice. You can also reject calls by pressing the reject button on your mobile phone.

How do I close a phone call?
To end a call via your ReSound Unite Phone Clip, briefly press the multifunctional button. The call will terminate and your hearing instruments will return to the last used program.
You can also end calls by pressing the appropriate button on your mobile phone.

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16 thoughts on “Alera FAQs – Unite Phone Clip”

  1. he main button on my phone clip provides no auditory or tactile feedback, so it is impossible to tell if it is doing anything. It does not press in. Is this a poor design or is mine defective?

    1. Do you have the Phone Clip or Phone Clip+? If it’s the PC+, this button has a little icon of a phone on it and would be the button you push to accept or make a call. If it is the original Phone Clip, the button on the front is a volume control and marked with a + and – sign. Regardless of which device you have, the button should have a clear tactile feel when pressing it, and of course it should reliably carry out the intended action – there’s no trick to it. It is possible that your device could be defective and we would recommend that you consult your hearing care professional.

      1. I have the phone clip +. It does not have a tactile feel when it is pushed.
        My audiologist would not know anything about this. Please send me the technical manual for this device and I will attempt to repair it myself. I am qualified to do so.

      2. Hi Bob,
        Your Phone Clip+ is more than likely still under warranty, which means we can just exchange it for you. Please go back to your hearing care professional to organize the product exchange.

      3. My audiologist exchanged it for another one that she had. It has a SLIGHT tactical feedback, so it is better than my original one, which had NO feedback (she agreed with that). The design is just poor and you should fix it and replace all units.

  2. The alligator clip on my phone clip+ broke and it is out of warranty. The only solution my audiologist had for me was to sell me another phone clip. Can’t this clip be fixed? I can’t see spending hundreds of dollars because of a clip.

    1. Wow, this just happened to us as well. It is small enough to be easily dropped and that’s what happened. You’d think they’d have a spare part rather than make the thing into shelf-ware and garner some bad PR along the way…

  3. my first reunite phone clip+ call answer button didnt make any sound or didnt feel pressed in either. I was given anither one with its own set of problems. its a very poor design. Please improve this and replace every ones cip.

  4. The alligator clip on my phone clip+ broke. I’m a disabled vet and have now been without my phone clip for a week now, and I hate not having it to answer phone calls.

    1. Hi Joel! Thank you for contacting ReSound. The hearing aids are not able to connect directly with a PC, but you should be able to use the Unite Phone Clip+ to connect. The Phone Clip+ does have a microphone built in. As different PCs and operating systems have different functionalities, we can’t guarantee that the Phone Clip+ will work with all setups. We would recommend discussing with your hearing care professional to see if you can test the Phone Clip+ to ensure compatibility. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at or 1-888-735-4327.

  5. Frank Scarborough

    Streaming music is hit and miss, some days I can get it to work by 1) rebooting the phone; 2) dialing the phone then hanging up and switching to music; 3) installing one of the many bluetooth control apps. Bottom line: This device does not provide the ability to reliably stream music PERIOD. It works somewhat better with phone calls although from time to time bluetooth cuts off in the middle of a call. When this happens I go to the call screen on my phone and turn bluetooth off then back on, it reconnects. So, for music, bad; for phone, fair.

  6. I am using Linx7 for the 20 months with phone clip, Now my Phone clip need frequent charging as the battery will not lost more than and 30 minutes (talking time), so i need to change the battery for Phone clip, can i know where i can buy this battery and it’s specification,

    1. Hi Basavaraj, thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues. Your Phone Clip+ battery can be recharged hundreds of times. However, if the operating time reduces substantially, please contact your hearing care professional.

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