ReSound Launches New Aventa 3.2.5 Fitting Software

Updated Aventa software is now available to audiologists and dispensers for fitting and updating ReSound Alera hearing instruments.  The new software accompanies the launch of Alera TS and Alera Traditional Custom hearing aids, as well as the Unite Mini Microphone wireless accessory.  The software can also be used to quickly and easily update existing Alera hearing instruments to take advantage of better performance and the following new benefits:

WindGuard Wind Noise Protection
With WindGuard, when the system determines that wind noise is present and greater than 70 dB SPL, gain reduction is applied to specific frequency bands.  The amount of gain reduction applied varies with the environment and the level of wind noise, making the reduction as personalized as possible to the situation – without sacrificing audibility for other sounds.

In-Situ Assessment
The In-Situ feature enables clinicians and dispensers to perform audiometry using the hearing aid as the transducer to present the stimuli. This has the potential to add convenience and efficiency to the hearing instrument fitting procedure, as the ability to present stimuli using the hearing instrument requires less equipment, less space, and is less time consuming.

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2 thoughts on “ReSound Launches New Aventa 3.2.5 Fitting Software”

  1. where can i get the fitting software? for the Resound Alera 761 Wireless Hearing Aids i do my own fitting. also does anyone know where to get other device fitting software? i have a few just in case i wind up with those devices. thanks

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