Overcoming the Hearing Aid Barrier

Lorienne Jenstad, Ph.D.Join Lorienne Jenstad, Ph.D., clinical audiologist at the University of British Columbia, on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 12 pm EST for a presentation on the barriers to hearing aid uptake.  Dr. Jenstad will focus on the effects of amplification and signal processing for older adults and will provide clinical considerations for optimizing success with this population.

This course will be eligible for continuing education credit.  Register online at AudiologyOnline.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to explain the specific ways that hearing aid fitting for older adults differs from hearing aid fitting for younger adults
  • Participants will be able to explain how to choose hearing aid processing that will optimize success for older listeners with hearing loss
  • Participants will be able to discuss ways in which to increase hearing aid uptake for older adults


  • Introduction
  • Hearing aid fittings for older and younger adults: similarities and differences
  • Speech perception by older adults, and implications for specific hearing aid processing
  • Barriers and facilitators to hearing aid uptake by older adults
  • Q and A

Following the conclusion of the ReSound Symposium, Dr. Laurel Christensen will be available to answer your questions LIVE during a Twitter Q&A.  Join Dr. Christensen on Friday, November 11, 2011 from 3 pm – 4 pm at #ReSoundSymposium.

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