Fitting Alera FAQs – Part 2

What happens if a patient walks outside the range of the Airlink before saving during a fitting session?  Will the settings be saved automatically to the device or software?

As long as the devices are not rebooted (battery doors opened and closed), the settings will be active but not saved. When the user is back in range, the devices can be reconnected and the settings can be saved. If a fitting has not been saved to NOAH, the user is prompted to do so when they close the fitting module.

Can I connect Live instruments once the new fitting software is loaded?  If so, how?

Aventa 2.9 and earlier versions are needed for fitting products introduced prior to Alera.

Can you print the data logging screen?

Yes, to include datalogging information on the printout, click “edit” in the print dialog box and make sure that datalogging is checked. A graphic display of total hours of use and use time per program will be included on the printout.

Is there still an option to “copy” programs?

The drag-and-drop programs functionality is no longer possible but program-handling is otherwise more flexible, offering the possibility to reorder, compare, choose left and right separately, and autorelate changes from any program to any others. It is possible to copy phone programs to “PhoneNow”.

Regarding the real ear option in the software, which equipment does it work with?

It currently works with the with real ear equipment from GN Otometrics what about new free fit?

How long will the software try to pair with an accessory and does it time out after attempting for a period of time?

The fitting software will try to find the accessory (or hearing instruments) for approximately 3 minutes. After that, you will get a message that no devices were found.

Will the fitting software notify you if the device programming and the receiver are incompatible?

Unfortunately, no. It is important for the fitter to ensure this. Note that devices are reconfigured in the Aventa 3 “pre-fit” screen.

Is the Airlink required for fitting or can cables be used instead?

The Airlink is only required for wireless fittings.  Standard CS63 programming cables with flex strips can also be used to program Alera.  HIPRO, NoahLink, and Speedlink can be used as programming interfaces for wired fittings.

Will the shorter, quieter calibration used in Alera be used in other products?

The improved calibration will be used in future products, those that use Aventa 3, but not with legacy products.

Can program and streamer names be changed in the fitting software?

Yes, but only if the remote control is being used.

How many programs are available?

4 manual programs, 1 Phone Now program, 1 phone program, and 3 streamer programs.  The number of streamer programs selected does not affect the number of manual programs that are available.

How long will the hearing aids stay connected to the fitting software?

As long as the hearing aids are powered and the patient’s file is open in Aventa the hearing instruments will remain connected.

How can a stethoscope be connected to an Alera?

The work around is to make a big RIE earmold that will contain the receiver and a big vent.

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