Hearing Aid Batteries On-A-Stick!

Hearing Aid Batteries On-A-StickAnyone who’s familiar with the great Minnesota get-together expects to see an abundance of food items on-a-stick.  This year, ReSound, in partnership with the MN Academy of Audiology, is giving away 2,500 4-packs of hearing aid batteries – all on-a-stick!

With more than 28 million Americans suffering from some form of hearing loss, we’re urging people to “stick up for better hearing”.  Throughout the duration of the MN State Fair, fair goers will be able to visit the MN Academy of Audiology at the KARE 11 Health Fair booth and get a hearing screening.

Both video otoscopy and hearing screening are available:
•    Video Otoscopy – the audiologist will show you your own eardrum on a TV and inspect the health of your ear canal and eardrum.
•    Hearing Screening – the audiologist will perform a brief screen of your hearing in a small booth. Due to background noise in the building and time, a full diagnostic test is not possible. However, if the audiologist is concerned about hearing loss he or she will recommend you be seen for a full diagnostic test at an audiologist’s office near you.

Don’t forget to claim your free hearing aid batteries – stop by the Health Building today!


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2 Responses to Hearing Aid Batteries On-A-Stick!

  1. Bob Bourke says:

    clever promotion…. great idea.

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