Tech Tip – Reconfiguring Alera instruments when using Airlink

ReSound’s Reconfigure option can be used when the physical receiver or the open versus closed configuration that you are using is different than that identified in Aventa 3. Reconfigure allows you to customize Alera BTE aids to best fit your patients’ needs.

Follow these guidelines to take advantage of Reconfigure:

  • After connecting the instruments in Aventa 3, navigate to the “Pre-Fit” screen
  • Identify your current hearing instrument’s configuration
  • Select Reconfigure, which is listed in the middle of the Pre-Fit screen, next to “Change Instruments”
  • Choose your desired configuration and select Reconfigure
  • You will receive the following prompt, “Reconfiguring will discard the current session and erase all fitting data on the instrument(s).” Select Continue
  • After Aventa runs through the reconfigure sequence, you will receive a message that “Reconfigure Succeeded.” Select OK
  • Aventa 3 will want to re-identify the instruments. Airlink will perform a search and you will be prompted to open and close the battery doors on the instruments
  • After Airlink has found the instruments, you can re-assign them and select Done
  • You will be prompted to re-calibrate the hearing instrument
  • Aventa 3 will then proceed into the fitting software
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