Introducing WindGuard – Superior Wind Noise Protection

ReSound has developed a new technology for wind noise protection.  WindGuard, which will be available in the Fall, is a dual-microphone signal processing technology designed to effectively reduce the level of wind noise in hearing devices.

While hearing devices have come a long way in eliminating wind noise, hearing instruments that use dual microphones still struggle in this area.  This is because wind noise is spectrally low-frequency and spatially uncorrelated.

WindGuard has two main components: wind detection and wind reduction.  In the detection phase, WindGuard only detects wind noise greater than 70 dB SPL to ensure that audibility for other sounds is not sacrificed.  When wind noise is detected, gain reduction is added to certain frequency bands and the amount of gain varies depending on the environment.  The result is a very personalized approach to wind reduction.

For more information on the science behind WindGuard, download the full white paper: Bringing Listening Comfort to Windy Conditions.

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