New hearing aids pack great features in small spaces – A video by Dr. Cliff

In this video, Dr. Cliff discusses the incredible features that the ReSound OMNIA Mini RIE packs into such a small space.

Did you know that with today’s hearing aid technology, you can now still get all of the amazing features associated with traditional hearing aids in a smaller option?

Back in the day, you most likely would’ve needed a bigger hearing aid, regardless of the type of hearing loss you had.

In this video, Dr. Cliff discusses the incredible features that the ReSound OMNIA Mini RIE packs into such a small space.  

Today’s modern hearing aids are smaller in size, which makes them significantly more comfortable and more discreet.

Dr. Cliff shares that even if you go with a smaller hearing aid option, you are able to still benefit from the wonderful features they provide.

Here are some of the features that ReSound OMNIA Mini RIE provides:


Rechargeable hearing aids are more convenient, as you don’t have to worry about the disposable battery running out. The batteries will also last all day, even if you stream throughout the day. 

Wireless Connectivity including Direct Streaming and Other Wireless Accessories

ReSound OMNIA a Bluetooth compatible hearing aid that allows you to stream audio like phone calls, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and YouTube videos, directly into both of your ears from a smart device. You are also able to get access to all of the wireless accessories, such as the ReSound Remote Control, the ReSound Multi Mic, or the ReSound TV Streamer

If you are interested in learning more about the ReSound OMNIA Mini RIE, please visit a hearing care professional near you:

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