How to get started with hearing aids – A new video with Dr. Cliff

In this video, Dr. Cliff shares that everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to treating hearing loss. He discusses tips on how to get started with treating hearing loss, key benefits of Jabra Enhance Plus, and why he thinks they are worthwhile.

Everyone deserves great hearing. In order to achieve this, you have to start somewhere when it comes to treating your hearing loss.

In this video (shown below), Dr. Cliff discusses tips on how to get started with treating hearing loss, the key benefits of Jabra Enhance Plus, and why he thinks they are a worthwhile first step.

Jumping right into seeing a hearing care professional with premium level hearing devices might seem daunting for some of you. In light of this, Dr. Cliff wanted to talk about a few things that could make getting started with hearing aids a whole lot easier. 

The first thing he recommends is finding out how much of a hearing loss you have by taking a quick, easy and free online hearing test like the one you can find at

Once you have confirmed you have a hearing loss, he suggest you consult with a hearing care professional and get a comprehensive hearing evaluation. If the hearing test indicates you only have a mild to moderate level of hearing loss, then you may have option of easing yourself into hearing treatment using self-fitting hearing aids.

This is why Jabra created the Jabra Enhance Plus, self-fitting hearing aids.

As Dr. Cliff points out, Jabra Enhance Plus hearing devices are beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • They are cost-effective.
  • They are comfortable to wear all day long.
  • You can wear them situationally throughout the day.
  • They provide high quality audio streaming.
  • They are rechargeable.
  • They can be easily set up through the Jabra Enhance app.
  • You can make programming adjustments through the app based on personal preferences.
  • They are incredibly small in size and have a sleek look.

He especially loves how small and discreet the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aid devices are, as they fit more comfortably within the ears and do not stand out.

Jabra Enhance Plus comes in two different colors: a Dark Gray and a Beige Gold. Having color options like these ones make these hearing aid devices stylish.

These hearing aid devices are one easy way to get started with treatment, especially if you have a mild to moderate hearing loss.

The sooner you get treated with hearing aids, the better it will be later on. To find a hearing care professional near you, visit:

Learn more about Jabra Enhance Plus

Experience this unique, high-tech, 3-in-1 stylish hearing device that’s perfect for a lifestyle solution to help you hear conversations easier and better in a variety of environments.

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