Dr. Ben Thompson – ReSound ONE Review

It’s our commitment to share third-party reviews on ReSound products to help you make informed decisions.   In this video, Dr. Ben Thompson (audiologist and founding member of HearWeb) gives his thoughts on the pros and cons of ReSound ONE. 

View his review on ReSound ONE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPMpJLaJwmg

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Thompson – ReSound ONE Review”

  1. John L. Friedman

    I have had a ReSound hearing aid for four years and I am not happy with it. I have been back to the audiologist from whom I bought it multiple times and the same problems persist. The aids fall off my ears when I bend over or turn quickly, the app doesn’t work with the aids, and I can’t hear well in crowds. No adjustments of any kind have helped. These extremely expensive devices are not worth the extremely high cost. The service is not satisfactory. NEVER AGAIN!!. Next time I’ll try a device which is 5% the cost and, what I have found out in my research, are better than our product. I’ve read in the medical literature that over 60% of the fittings of hearing aids by audiologists in this country are incorrect.

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