Cutting Through Background Noise – a new video from Dr. Cliff

Dr. Cliff explains how to cut through the background noise to hear what you want to hear.

The best hearing aids really prove their worth in noisy environments.  Especially, in understanding speech. 

In his latest YouTube video, Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, explains how to use two ReSound ONE breakthrough features (All-Access Directionality and Ultra Focus) to cut through the background noise to hear what you want to hear.

Ultra Focus helps people hear during conversations in very noisy environments. Think of it as an invisible beam of sound detection that focuses on speech coming directly from the front, while still monitoring the overall listening environment.

All Access Directionality automatically detects and adapts to the person’s environment, naturally focusing in on the sounds they want to hear. This will allow people to engage effortlessly with others, especially in noisier situations.

Just like a fingerprint,
your hearing is one of a kind

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