Great to Hear | Ray Weaver – A ReSound ONE of a kind hearing experience

"They sound and feel completely natural - just like my own hearing used to. It is not only that, I don't notice them anymore. They are so discreet and so well adapted that they feel like part of me."

Inspired by GN Hearing’s Organic Hearing philosophy, ReSound ONETM is a revolutionary new hearing aid featuring three major technology breakthroughs that enable people with hearing loss to connect to the world around them in the most intuitive and natural way.

Ray Weaver, a seasoned hearing aid user, was one of the first people to hear the difference.  

Listen to his experience in the video below and learn more about ReSound ONE.


I first noticed a hearing loss, I think, seriously, about 10-15 years ago.

I’d been in front of bands since I was 15.

My wife and my kids started to say to me:

“Dad, you can’t hear us.”

[Ray’s wife]

He started speaking less when we were having guests over, or if there were a lot of people in the same room.

He started withdrawing a little bit.


I feel I’m missing out on the naturalness.

Just the normalness of everyday life because there are things that go by me that I used to catch.

If I have any fears about getting a hearing aid, it’s that it won’t work.

That it won’t fix what I want it to fix.


Wearing these hearing aids is really surprising.

First of all, how small they are,

and how comfortable they are.

I’m pretty sure that after a couple of hours, or a day or two, I wouldn’t even realise I have them on.

I don’t know what they look like because I can’t see them, but they feel fine.

You hear the stories over the years that they’re uncomfortable,
that they’re noisy, and they make scratchy sounds, or hissing sounds.

I was really worried about white noise in the background,
but there’s just none of that.

They’re very comfortable, and they sound good.

Having a hearing aid is in some ways more fun, because I hear things, I didn’t know I didn’t hear.

We were in the driveway yesterday, and I heard the leaves rustling across the driveway, which…

… I missed entirely before, and I keep going:
“What’s that sound?”

I think there’s an overall sense of awareness, a sense of…

Maybe ‘confidence’ is a better word,

In that I don’t have to say

“Excuse me, could you repeat that?” so many times.

I think on the overall, it’s just a boost of
“Okay, I’m sort of back in the world now”.

[Ray’s wife]

Before, I had to run up in front of him to catch his eyes, and say “Hey, I’m speaking to you.”

And now, it’s more natural.

I just speak to him, and he hears me.

Of course, we’re still in a process of learning, so, I also find myself speaking more loudly.

He’s like: “You don’t have to yell!”

I say: “Oh, but I’m just speaking in the way I used to speak to you.”


I am seriously surprised by how much I like them, because I’m naturally sceptical about things, and I know that as the years go on, it’s going to be even more important to me, because, as we all know, your hearing doesn’t get better all of a sudden.

It doesn’t improve when I’m 75 or 80, and as time goes on, I’m going to be even more happy that I have these things, and I think that having them, you will feel differently about yourself the way I do, and I think that you just go give it a try.

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