3 Hearing Aid Breakthroughs in ReSound ONE

Inspired by GN Hearing’s Organic Hearing philosophy, ReSound ONETM is a revolutionary new hearing aid featuring three major technology breakthroughs that enable people with hearing loss to connect to the world around them in the most intuitive and natural way.

ReSound ONE was developed with 10 years of research and a deep understanding of a person’s unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

It is the first hearing aid to incorporate a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear, or M&RIE. Just like a fingerprint, each person’s hearing is unique. We each hear differently because our ear sizes, shapes and canals are all different.

With M&RIE, an additional microphone placed directly inside the ear canal captures sound using the natural acoustics of a person’s ears, the way nature intended. Ideal for people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, M&RIE provides people with all the benefits of a behind-the-hear hearing aid while gaining an unprecedented natural sound experience and a true ability to hear where sounds are coming from (sound localization/spatial perception).

Just like a fingerprint,
your hearing is one of a kind

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ReSound ONE also is the first to offer “All Access Directionality.” This new feature automatically detects and adapts to the person’s environment, naturally focusing in on the sounds they want to hear. This will allow people to engage effortlessly with others, especially in noisier situations.

ReSound ONE also introduces “Ultra Focus,” a feature that helps people hear during conversations in very noisy environments. Think of it as an invisible beam of sound detection that focuses on speech coming directly from the front, while still monitoring the overall listening environment.

Additionally, ReSound ONE connects directly to Apple and Android devices, and it is available with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours on a three-hour charge. It’s enhanced ergonomic design comes in eight new natural colors to match a variety of skin and hair colors.

ReSound ONE combines all these technological advances to improve individual hearing experiences, hopefully encouraging more people to try and use hearing aids.  According the NIH, nearly 30 million people in the U.S. with hearing loss could benefit from a hearing aid, but currently don’t use one.

Hearing Tracker Podcast:
In this episode, host Steve Taddei takes a deep dive into ReSound ONE with Dr. Laurel Christensen.

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