7 steps to keep ReSound hearing aids clean and tip-top shape

Spring time has arrived, and with it, the tradition of spring cleaning. While spring cleaning is a once-a-year occurrence, routine cleaning and maintenance of your ReSound hearing aids can help prolong their durability.  Here are 7 steps to follow to ensure your get the most out of your ReSound hearing aids:

  1. Keep your hearing instrument clean and dry. Wipe the case with a soft cloth or tissue after use to remove grease or moisture. Do not use water or solvents, as these can damage the hearing aids(s).
  2. Never immerse hearing aids in water or other liquids, as liquids may cause permanent damage to the hearing aids.
  3. Avoid rough handling of hearing aids or dropping them on hard surfaces or floors.
  4. Do not leave hearing aids in or near direct heat or sunlight, such as in a hot, parked car, as excessive heat can cause damage or deform the casing.
  5. Do not wear your aids while showering, swimming, in heavy rain or in a moist atmosphere such as a steam bath or sauna.
  6. If your hearing aid does get wet, or if it has been exposed to high humidity or perspiration, it should be left to dry out overnight with the battery out and the battery compartment open.
  7. Remove your hearing aid when applying such things as cosmetics, perfume, aftershave, hair spray, and suntan lotion. These might get into the hearing aid and cause damage.

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5 thoughts on “7 steps to keep ReSound hearing aids clean and tip-top shape”

  1. I have done all those things including a little machine that dries and sanitizes the hearing aids at night, I use the little brush that comes with them and for some reason they do not seem to be amplifying any more. They are less than two years old.

    1. Hi. Thank you for reaching out to us about your hearing aids. We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing less amplification than usual. Since it has not improved even after proper cleaning, we recommend contacting your hearing care professional. They will be best able to help diagnose what you’re experiencing and provide you with next steps. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us again or contact our Customer Care team at (800) 248-4327 and press Option 2. Thank you!

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