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Stephen Straus begins each day with a commute by train. It’s about an hour from his home in Hyde Park to his job in downtown Chicago—and all those train rides mean hours of music. But Mr. Straus lives with hearing loss, so he’s had to struggle with various music players and headphones.Chicago loop, Illinois “The [headphone] wires —they drove me crazy,” said Mr. Straus Mr. Straus’s hearing loss, roughly 50% in each ear, crept up on him over the last ten years or so. When his audiologist told him he should check out ReSound Smart Hearing aids with Made for iPhone capabilities, he knew that would give him the freedom to listen to music much more easily. “I wanted a Bluetooth feature without anything between my phone and my ear,” said Mr. Straus. “A lot of them had things you had to hang around your neck, which I didn’t want. That is why I bought ReSound.”
Stephen Straus
Mr. Straus likes that he can turn off his hearing aid in loud environments and that it works for the phone, but music is the key. “Music is why I bought [the ReSound hearing aids],” said Mr. Straus. “I’m very pleased with the quality.” Mr. Straus is a fan of music of all kinds, from classical (“Vivaldi”) to jazz (“Bix Beiderbecke”/”Jack Teagarden”) but also country—“thousands of songs,” said Mr. Straus. “I download songs constantly.” He regularly tunes into Sirius radio and National Public Radio—and he loves hearing the Chicago orchestra. Listening to music is once again a joyful part of his daily commute.  

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