ReSound hearing aids change a family’s everyday lives!

The Reeves have two children with hearing loss and discovered how ReSound hearing aids could help their family communicate.

We are parents to two children with sensory neural hearing loss.  Brady now 22 and Curtis 19. Brady was diagnosed with a hearing loss at age 4 and Curtis was only 8 months.  We were set up with aids suggested by the hearing clinic in our area that worked with children under the age of 18.  We really had no knowledge of hearing aids or how they might differ. About 6-8 years ago, we were introduced to ReSound.  This introduction changed our lives.

Until this time, we could not go into a loud environment without Curtis feeling physically ill.  Restaurants, malls, birthday parties, all became off limits.  I could not call my boys down from upstairs, as they would never hear me.  I could not whisper to them to share a fun little secret.

I’ll never forget when they were fit for their first pair of ReSound aids.  They were down the hall, out of sight and I spoke to them in a normal voice.  To my surprise, they both answered and then came walking back into the room with huge smiles, in surprise to what they could hear.  We could go to a restaurant and they would adjust their aids to suit the environment.  Dinner came and went and we even stayed for dessert.  No longer did we have to avoid eating out.  Much to my husband’s dismay, as it is much more cost-effective if we didn’t 🙂  Walking down the fairway playing golf with Brady, I no longer had to be right beside him to compliment a shot.  The ease of communication was noticeably improved.

These are just a couple situations that come to mind, where we as hearing people take for granted.  Our ears filter and work to accommodate the environment.  Hard of hearing people wearing aids struggle in areas we don’t even consider.

We often see hearing loss as something that happens as we age.  This is not the case in our world.  We know many people with hearing loss, from newborns to great-grandparents.  ReSound makes hearing aids that resonate with our new generation. They allow you to have an app to operate and adjust them.  They allow you to stream music, TV and telephone directly into the aid.  This is state of the art technology that they are leading the industry, in my mind.

I/we are so thankful to have found this brand.  It truly changed how we communicate.

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2 thoughts on “ReSound hearing aids change a family’s everyday lives!”

  1. Salvatore cudlip

    Fantastic story, I’m so pleased to hear others are benefitting from these AIDS.
    I was diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss at age 30 and was given nhs AIDS with I still use in work.
    I decided to invest in the private aid sector and go high end.
    I bought some resound link 2 9s and have never looked back.
    The sound quality and technology is second to non. I’m over the moon with them and I’ll definitely invest in resound again later on.
    Fantastic product and has changed my quality of life.
    Many thanks resound.

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