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image001AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kenya is a non-profit, faith-based hospital with a staff of over 700 people, including many international volunteers. The hospital’s goal is to provide compassionate healthcare regardless of the patients’ ability to pay for the services. The hospital cares for over 130,000 patients, and has one of the busiest operating rooms in East Africa. As the hospital strives to serve the most vulnerable, the demands on the hospital have grown exponentially.

ReSound Gives Sound, ReSound’s philanthropy program, donated 20 new hearing aids to the hospital’s Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department for eligible patients participating in the Ears to Hear™ program. This program provides hearing aids for individuals with hearing loss and no means to pay for them. Patients like Esther, a four-year-old girl living with severe hearing loss in both ears. Children are especially vulnerable in hearing loss, as it limits educational opportunity, quality of life, safety and sense of belonging. Although Esther’s parents had long-suspected she had a hearing loss, they were unable to pay for proper testing and hearing aids to help their daughter. So, they contacted AIC Kijabe Hospital to schedule an appointment. During her hearing test, Esther giggled every time she heard a beep and her face lit up when she heard her mother’s voice. Thanks to ReSound’s donation through the Ears to Hear Program at the AIC Kijabe Hospital, Esther now has hearing aids that will provide her with a brighter future.

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8 thoughts on “Community | ReSound Donates Hearing Aids to Kenya Hospital”

  1. My father lost his hearing ability recently this made me try to search on how I can get him assisted. Am based in Nakuru and he stays in Kisii. Is there a way I get him assisted to get the hearing aid. What the costs and can his NHIF card be of any help in your facility. I will real appreciate to receive your reply.

    Evans Ndemo

  2. One of my ears doesn’t hear clearly, that is, if I close my right year I may not hear all what is being said. Even though you speak to me while on my left side its very hard for me to hear all what has been said. I am in Nyeri, Mukurwe – ini. Can my condition be treated?


    My three and half years old son is autistic and has also been diagonised with hearing problems.The doctor says that hearing aids can help correct the hearing problem so we can be left to deal with the other condition(autism).Any help from your institution will be highy appreciated

    1. Hi Mercy, thank you for contacting ReSound. The IP address of you post is indicating you’re located in Kenya. This blog is monitored by the US subsidiary of ReSound. We recommend contacting our Global Headquarters at phone number +45 4575 1111.

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