“They’re the first thing I put in in the morning and the last thing I take out at night.”

Ben & Pat

“I wear them all the time,” says Ben Merrill about his ReSound LiNX™ hearing aids.

Ben, a 71-year-old retired Information Systems Director, began noticing the signs of hearing loss back in 2008.  Whenever he and his wife, Pat, watched TV, he had a hard time understanding what was being said and often had to ask her to repeat it. After a visit to his Audiologist, he was fit with his first pair of hearing aids. Unfortunately, even after numerous adjustments he still struggled to hear the TV and eventually abandoned wearing his hearing aids completely.

At the end of 2013, Ben had an appointment with his new Audiologist, Debra Hamila of Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat, who recommended he try something new and different – ReSound LiNX. Ben immediately noticed a difference. “I just love my hearing aids and the wireless functionality they provide,” said Ben. He paired his new hearing aids with the ReSound Unite™ TV streamer, and he could now hear every word from his favorite TV programs without needing a neck-worn device. “I can now mute the TV for the sake of those around me, but still listen on my own through my hearing aids. Even when I’ve left the room, I can hear the TV just as clearly as if I were sitting right in front of it,” says Ben.

“I’m very pleased with my ReSound LiNX hearing aids, not only for their wireless connectivity options but also for the clear, natural sound they provide…and that is why you won’t find me awake without them,” concludes Ben.

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