Clearing Up Confusion About iPhone Devices and Hearing Aids

Jennifer Groth, ReSoundBy Jennifer Groth

There has been much buzz in the media recently regarding “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, much of it generated by ReSound’s participation in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where ReSound LiNX was introduced to a wider audience than we typically reach in the hearing aid industry. While  ReSound LiNX is a high performance hearing instrument incorporating Surround Sound by ReSound technologies and wireless connectivity based on the proprietary ReSound 2.4 GHz digital wireless system, it has been getting attention mostly as the first hearing aid to allow direct connection to Apple devices. As we prepare for ReSound LiNX to become broadly available, it seems like a good time to review and hopefully clarify different ways that hearing aid wearers can interact with iPhone devices. Although other exciting audio streaming and data exchange-based features are possible with ReSound LiNX, the current discussion is limited to phone usage.

Use the phone with no special accessories and no digital wireless connections by holding the phone up to your hearing instrument microphone (acoustic coupling) or setting your hearing instrument to telecoil (inductive coupling).

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are compatible with cell phones in accordance with FCC requirements. Depending on the particular model, they either have M3 or M4 ratings for acoustic coupling, and T4 ratings for inductive coupling. The rating may also be dependent on whether you have activated “Hearing Aid Mode”.

“Hearing Aid Mode” can be activated by choosing “Hearing Aid” in the “Hearing” section of the iPhone device’s “Accessibility” menu. If you have an iPhone 4, Hearing Aid Mode will reduce transmission power of the cellular radio and can result in better sound quality for acoustic coupling. If you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, Hearing Aid Mode modifies the acoustic settings of the phone to improve sound quality for inductive coupling. Note that Hearing Aid Mode does not result in any kind of data exchange or streaming to the hearing aids, and is appropriate to use with any brand, style or model of hearing aid. It is not related to “Made for iPhone” functionality.

Receive the phone signal via a wireless phone accessory or streamer that connects to the phone via Bluetooth.
Apart from the hands-free convenience, a great advantage of this in terms of hearing is that the signal is received in both hearing aids if the individual is bilaterally fit. All hearing instrument manufacturers with digital wireless systems have some kind of device that will do this. For ReSound, this is the Phone Clip+. The accessory or streamer accepts the Bluetooth signal from the phone and converts it to the appropriate wireless signal that can be received by the hearing aids. The Phone Clip+ converts the standard Bluetooth signal to the ReSound proprietary 2.4 GHz digital wireless signal for transmission to the hearing aids. In addition, the accessory must be worn or placed such that a built-in microphone in the accessory can pick up the voice of the hearing aid wearer, convert it to a Bluetooth signal, and transmit it back to the cell phone.

Pairing and connection between the Phone Clip+ (or other manufacturer’s phone accessory/streamer) is handled in the Bluetooth menu of the iPhone.


Receive the phone signal directly to the hearing instruments with no wireless phone accessory or streamer. This describes what a Made for iPhone hearing instrument can do. Apple has developed a proprietary audio streaming protocol in the 2.4 GHz band that the hearing instrument must be able to tap into in order to receive the phone signal directly. That means that the hearing instrument must have a 2.4 GHz radio, and must also have adopted the communication protocol developed by Apple. iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c[1] with a minimum iOS version 7.x can communicate with Made for iPhone hearing instruments, of which ReSound LiNX is the first. The hearing aid wearer speaks into the phone itself, so the phone can either be held normally or just placed nearby so that it can pick up the user’s voice. As of today, no cell phone manufacturers other than Apple have made this type of functionality available for hearing instrument manufacturers to connect to.

Pairing and connection between ReSound LiNX and the iPhone is handled in the same “Hearing Aids” screen as the Hearing Aid Mode. When discovered by the iPhone, the ReSound LiNX hearing aids appear in this screen under “Devices”, as shown below. The hearing instrument wearer’s first name as stored in the hearing instruments is shown along with the brand and model of instrument. In this example, a test client named “Aventa” was used, so the ReSound LiNX devices are identified as “Aventa’s Hearing Aids”.


©2014, Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

[1] Other Apple devices are compatible with Made for iPhone hearing instruments, but we are limiting this discussion to phone use for the sake of simplicity.

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236 thoughts on “Clearing Up Confusion About iPhone Devices and Hearing Aids”

  1. Mikalai Paulavets

    The only actual benefit described in the article, though important, is the elimination of third device while streaming to the phone. Other than that – no revolution has occured.

    1. Missing the point, as a person that uses streaming 16 to 18 hour a day, being able to stream with out a additional interface is a big revolution, it means that I don’t have to carry another device, and there is less cost to me to have this added advantage of streaming and understanding conversations on my cell phone and which happens to be one of the worse listening environment

      1. Hi Steven,

        The great thing about the new SmartRange platform is that it allows for even more functionality with no appreciable current drain in normal hearing aid use. Using the Made for iPhone functionality (i.e., streaming music, movies, Face Time or phone calls, etc) will increase the battery drain, dependent on how many hours a day streaming is used. Someone who is wearing ReSound LiNX and using the Made for iPhone streaming functionality will see similar impact on battery life that someone would experience if they were wearing ReSound Verso and using Unite wireless accessories to stream from their Unite TV, Mini Microphone or Phone Clip.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for explaining the different ways of using iPhone for hearing. But could not really grasp the 1st mode you mentioned. Holding the phone up to microphone – how is that different ? I mean, my dad uses his non-smartphone Nokia the same way for his phone calls. How is Apple different by being HAC ? Also, did not get the ‘switch on Telecoil’ part ? Do you mean, if the telecoil is switched on, the phone could be away, yet one can hear the call ?

    1. Holding the telephone up to the hearing aid microphone is not different than what hearing aid users have been doing for decades. The idea is for the sound to be picked up by the microphone in the hearing aid and amplified so the wearer can hear it better. One of the biggest challenges with this way of using the phone is that it tends to make the hearing aids whistle. Even with modern hearing aids that have special processing to manage hearing aid whistling, it can still be problematic. Another problem is that the hearing aid microphone is also picking up other sounds in the environment, and the phone signal may not be strongest one and may also be of relatively poor quality. This means the user has to try to pick out the sound from the phone from whatever else is going on. Finally, for cell phone users, there may be interference from the GSM signal that causes a buzzing in the hearing aids. This latter effect is what the hearing aid compatibility mode in the iPhone 4 models is trying to alleviate. If your dad is able to use his non-smart cell phone successfully like this with his hearing aids, that is wonderful!

      Many hearing aids are equipped with telecoils. The telecoil is basically a tiny metal rod with a coil of wire wrapped around it that can pick up magnetic signals and turn them into an electrical signal that can amplified by the hearing aid and end up as sound in the wearer’s ear canal. The telecoil is most often activated manually by a button or switch on the hearing aid, or it may activate automatically when in the presence of a magnetic field. Telephones that are compatible with hearing aid telecoils produce a magnetic signal that can be picked up by the telecoil. This avoids the whistling issue mentioned above and it also helps shut out extraneous background noise. The magnetic signal emitted from the phone is pretty weak, so you do have to hold the phone up close to the hearing aid to pick it up. For hearing aids that are worn behind-the-ear, it often requires some experimentation to find the right placement of the phone in relation to the hearing aid. For hearing aids that fit inside the ear, you just hold the phone up to the ear normally.

      1. So the LiNX does not have a telecoil? That is a big disadvantage for those that need to be able to use a loop, FM or other devices.

      2. No, the ReSound LiNX does not have a telecoil. It is optimized for size. However, the ReSound LiNX is only the first of many hearing instruments to have digital wireless connectivity to the ReSound Unite accessories and the iPhone. Fully featured hearing instruments with telecoil and direct audio input capability will follow. In the meantime, there are numerous ReSound hearing instruments that have these features if they are preferred over the iPhone connectivity.

      3. Thank you for the response. I hope you can come up with both direct wireless and T-coil capability. Some of us need more than cell phone functionality.

      4. Don’t forget that t-coil tech is, well, so 1940s. It is ultra-sensitive to all kinds of electro-magnetic interference. The results are a soft to very loud hum that can wreck havoc on any phone call. It may be hard to find an environment that works well. Anything from bad or old electrical wiring, to lighting and copper pipes can cause interference. I’ve worked/lived in a number of places where it was just impossible to use my hearing aid’s t-coil for phoning purposes. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids changed all that for me. The sound quality is amazing for phone calls, not to mention that it’s not just about the phone remote mics, audio from music and video, etc.

  3. You have to use the phone for the microphone? That is a big disadvantage compared to the current Phone Clip+, which I wear on a lanyard, under my shirt. I don’t see this being very popular if it is not hands free.

  4. DW, you are so right concerning the phone as the microphone. I was using a Siemens IC analog aid for 10 years and was way over due for an upgrade. My occupation requires many hours on the cell phone and was looking for a hands free solution. I discovered the Resound Verso and was fitted for them by a very qualified audiologist. Since the release of the Linx was so close to my purchase date my audiologist arranged for an even exchange when the new Linx came available which was just this past week.
    I used the Verso with the phone clip for about a month, other than the clip portion of the phone clip breaking therefore making it necessary to use the lanyard I was thrilled with the convenience and quality of sound from the device.
    I was not aware or was my audiologist that the I phone was the mic for the new Linx, I was given the impression from her that somehow the hearing aid itself had the mic built into it and therefore still completely hands free. Not the case, although the sensitivity of the I phone is very good experimenting with it I have discovered I can be 6-8 feet away from the phone while conversing and the listener can hear me fairly well. But while driving with road noise etc. listeners have difficulty with the phone in a cradle mounted to the dash or in my lap. I have to hold the phone close to my mouth therefore negating the hands free feature.
    I am considering asking for the Verso with phone clip back, it fit into my lifestyle and environment much better.

    1. Actually, the phone clip will also work with you LiNX, so there’s no reason to step back in technology. You can just add the phone clip.

  5. Today my wife purchased a Resource Linx hearing aid and a Resource Unite Mini Microphone. The hearing aide is a great improvement over her older analog hearing aid and the microphone helps her hear people who have soft voices; however, she can not distinguish sounds received by the Linx hearing aid directly from her I-phone 5s. Would the Resource Unite Phone Clip+ work better for her than the direct connection between I-phone and Linx hearing aid? If so, can she use the Phone Clip+ with a Linx hearing aid or does she need to turn the Linx hearing aid in for the Verso (she has 30 days)? Also, it appears that the Resource Control App requires Phone Clip+. Is that correct?

    1. The sound from the iPhone to the hearing aids would be comparable regardless of whether you use the Phone Clip+ or stream directly from the iPhone to the LiNX hearing aids. In fact, we have evidence suggesting that it may even be a bit better directly from the phone. There are some “tweaks” that can be made to ensure the phone signal is optimum. First of all, the audiologist can check the settings in the listening program that the iPhone comes through. It may be necessary to increase the volume in this program, especially if the hearing aids are being worn with a small eartip that does not close off the ear canal. Secondly, it should be ensured that the hearing aids actually are connecting and streaming from the iPhone. Sometimes the sound is actually coming from the phone’s speaker and, because it is picked up acoustically and amplified by the hearing aids, the user may not realize it. By swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone screen, a menu comes up that lets you select where the sound is output. Obviously a bystander would be able to help tell that the sound is not coming from the iPhone speaker. The buttons on the side of the iPhone can also be used to increase the volume of the signal coming from the iPhone, which can also be helpful. And finally, the volume on the hearing aids can be increased either by triple-clicking the Home button on the iPhone and using the volume sliders, or by downloading and using the volume control in the ReSound Smart app (free at the app store). The ReSound Smart app communicates directly with LiNX from the iPhone. It is true that the ReSound Control app requires the Phone Clip+. However, note that the ReSound Smart app and ReSound Control app have the same remote control functionality, but the ReSound Smart app has additional functionality. Finally, it is possible to use the Phone Clip+ with the LiNX hearing aids if that is preferred.

  6. It was good to find out that the phone clip will work with the Linx and I am thrilled with the new technology of my new Linx hearing aides. But I have experienced a new problem recently and I have an appointment with my audiologist tomorrow, we are going to conference with tech support at ReSound. The problem is since I upgraded my iPhone software to the new 7.1 version the phone will not pair with the Linx aides. It recognizes the aides but will not pair. Hopefully we will get this figured out tomorrow I just hope it’s not a fix or a patch that we will have to wait for from Apple. Have you had any one else with this problem?

      1. Thank you for the Blog.
        I am a new user with a Linx and trying to pair it to my IPhone 4. I have the similar experience as BC. It recognizes the aid, but does not pair successfully. We have the latest IOS 8.1.1 on the Phone, but no success. I was wondering if the iPhone 4 is compatible at all or maybe the updated new IOS that has disabled some features?

    1. Hi George,
      Yes, ReSound LiNX performs very well in background noise. It uses Binaural Directionality, which helps you understand speech in noisy situations by amplifying sounds you need to hear and reducing background noise.

  7. Hi Jennifer. I’m on day 3 of Linx 9 and I’m very pleased with the sound. My only complaint and one that will have me return them, is that they stay paired with my iPhone 5c all day and will auto pair if I get out of range. However for the 3rd day something in the evening happens that I can’t live with. When I remove the aids to shower at night then put them back in after 30 minutes to make sure my head is dry, they will not pair at all. I’ve tried opening the battery case and not opening the case. Does not matter. They will not pair until the morning. Then it take all of 15 seconds. What is going on?

  8. Other than the iPhone/iPad, etc. capabilities, is there any difference in sound quality with the Linx as compared to the Verso 5? Price? In other words, if I don’t need the iPhone/Pad wireless function, is there any reason to switch to Linx from Verso?

    1. Hi David, There are definitely improvements with ReSound LiNX as compared to ReSound Verso. ReSound LiNX has double the processing speed of ReSound Verso, enabling it to analyze the environment and adapt more quickly to the world around you. The sound quality has improved significantly from the Verso even if you’re not looking to use the Made for iPhone functionality. ReSound LiNX also features a new case that is more cosmetic and durable, and additional algorithms & features that increase comfort and speech intelligibility for certain hearing losses. One nice feature of ReSound LiNX is the ability to fine-tune your hearing aids (volume, treble/bass) from your phone. So even if you don’t need to stream audio, the Made for iPhone functionality may be helpful. Please let us know if you’d like more information!

  9. I am confused about using the Iphone as a microphone to assist in noisy settings. How do you use the iphone as a microphone? Do I need to download a microphone app? Once I do that will it stream to my Linx hearing aids.

    1. Hi Lydia, the microphone functionality is called “Live Listen” and it is part of the iPhone native functionality (meaning you don’t need an app for it). Once your hearing aids are paired to your device, triple click your home button. This will bring up your iPhone hearing aid menu. Underneath your battery life indication at the top you’ll see “Start live Listen.” Click on that and your phone will act as a microphone. Then, you can click “End Live Listen” when you’d like to return to normal functionality. If you still have questions, let us know and we’ll connect you with our customer service who can walk you through the process.

  10. Jennifer, My wife just became a Resound LiNX 9 user. We are very happy with the device and the technology is impressive. My questiion pretains to steaming audio such as music using iTunes. Apparently, if audio is being streamed from an iPad (iOS7) it will be received at the LiNX but can not be heard on the iPad. Are we not doing something correctly or is this the way things work. If so, is this a limitation of the iOS7 iPad hearing aid support or something else?

    Thanks, Frank

    1. Hi Frank, we’re happy to hear that you’re having a good experience with ReSound LiNX! Unfortunately the audio streaming on the iPad works the same as how a regular Bluetooth device would work. If you have the hearing aids paired, the audio will stream directly to them, but not heard via the speakers on the iPad. We hope this answers your question!

  11. I have been a Resound LiNX 9 user since they were released and am overall very satisfied. The long awaited Apple IOS 7.1.2 update has resolved my worst complaint. That being the dropped connections to my IPhone 5 requiring me to turn my phone off and back on to restore connection, sometimes multiple times a day. This no longer happens so one big issue resolved. I do have one other issue concerning the streaming option. I don’t always want the streaming option on as I still prefer to use my IPhone in regular mode and use my cars hand free option for calls. I know I can go to the screen on the IPhone and change the output, but this is both difficult and dangerous while driving. The problem is when I turn the two streaming options to off on the IPhone hearing aid screen, they disappear completely and require me to re-pair the the hearing aids to the phone to recover.

    1. Hi John, we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying your ReSound LiNX! When driving, we suggest that you manually change the Bluetooth connection to your car system before driving away. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to access the Control Panel. In AirPlay, change from ReSound LiNX hearing aids to iPhone. Then, you can connect your iPhone to your car Bluetooth system.

      After your drive, you can either go back to AirPlay to connect to your hearing aids. Or, if that doesn’t work, open and close the battery doors on your ReSound LiNX to reboot and they will automatically reconnect to your iPhone. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach back out!

  12. Can I use the iPhone Smart App (not the Control App) with the Resound Phone Clip+?
    I have the Kirkland Signature 5.0 (by Resound) hearing aids and I know they will work with the Phone Clip+. Is this a feasible option for the Kirkland Signature 5.0?

      1. I have the remote which has almost everything the Control App has. So it doesn’t make sense to add another $400+ device just to have the same controls on my iPhone.
        Is the LiNX hardware so different that there can’t be a software retrofit with other new models of Resound hearing aids to allow use of the iPhone Smart App?

      2. Hi miscwonderings, ReSound LiNX was built specifically to be compatible with Apple’s Made for iPhone Bluetooth technology, so it does have hardware features that earlier ReSound hearing aids don’t have. Unfortunately it’s not possible to retrofit past ReSound hearing aids to be compatible with the ReSound Smart app. However, consider talking to your hearing healthcare provider if you’re interested in trying out ReSound LiNX!

  13. I’m confused. According to information received from Resound’s Tech Support, within the new IOS 8 software from Apple was to be an improvement in the connectivity bluetooth issue. However, if you access Apple’s Application software, the latest update is 9/12/2014 which only references older IOS 7 software and does not address connectivity. Can Resound resolve this question?

    1. Hi John, the ReSound Smart app updated on 9/12 added more functionality and features that our users were asking for. Our update was prior to Apple’s iOS 8 launch, which according to our testing, has at times shows some performance issues. At this point, we recommend waiting to install iOS 8 until an updated version is available.

      1. Hi John, the performance issue actually has more to do with how the hearing aids connect with the iOS operating system and not necessarily the ReSound Smart app. We’re currently testing the iOS 8.1 that was released last night to see if that version has implemented any of the adjustments we’ve been working with Apple on. We’ll make sure to let you know when our testing shows that iOS 8 is working properly with our hearing aids. Our apologies for the inconvenience but we hope it will be resolved soon!

  14. I was wondering on the ReSound UP smart hearing aids if they work with the iphones also like the other resound hearing aids. I am an adult and I like the way the ReSound UP smart hearing aids work from what I read that is. i don’t know much about hearing aids mine are from 2001 and are analog ones.

    1. Hi Karen, ReSound Up Smart hearing aids do stream directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, however they are a pediatric hearing aid and are designed for use with children (and not currently sold in the U.S.). You may want to talk to your hearing healthcare provider about ReSound LiNX or ReSound ENZO (both stream directly from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), depending on your hearing loss. If you or your hearing care provider are interested in more information, please let us know!

    1. Hi Chris, unfortunately ReSound LiNX doesn’t support the iPhone 4S, even with iOS 7 installed due to limitations with sound quality and streaming that don’t match our standards. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  15. I am getting ready to purchase the iPhone 6 to pair with a new Resound Linx system. What is the necessary and preferable gigabyte level to purchase?

    1. Hi Lynette, we’re excited that you’re using ReSound LiNX! There is no required storage size (or gigabyte level) for using ReSound LiNX with your iPhone. The ReSound Smart app uses about 38 megabytes, so only a fraction of your storage. The Made for iPhone functionality that enables direct streaming is a component of iOS, so it doesn’t require any additional storage on whatever device you choose. Please let us know if you have additional questions or feel free to call our consumer support team at (888) 735-4327 or email them at

  16. I got a linx9 for my left ear from the VA. I like it and I like the ability to control it with my iPhone 5s but I do not want it to default to the hearing aid when I get a phone call. How do I accomplish that?

    1. Hi Mark, when streaming is turned on, the default is to answer calls through your hearing aids. However, when you answer a call on your iPhone, you’ll see an option in the upper right hand corner that says “audio source.” If you press this and choose “iPhone” in the menu that pops up, you will be able to answer the phone call through your phone instead of your hearing aids. This YouTube video may help as well: If you do want to turn off streaming completely, you can do that by going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing aids and turning off “Stream to left ear”. Page 21 of this guide may help as well: This will ensure you’re phone calls are answered through your iPhone, but it will also turn off the ability to stream other audio from your phone.

      1. I do not the “stream to left hearing aid option in that window. I get Hearing Aid Volume, Presets and Forget this Device? I really do not want to stream through the HA but I want overall control of the device through my iPhone 5s.

      2. I spoke with tech support and it looks like my best option is to turn the bluetooth off. I’ll do that and keep checking back.

      3. Hi stuckinred, our tech support representative is correct in that if you don’t want to stream audio to your hearing aids you should turn off Bluetooth. However, that also disables the remote control functionality. We recognize the need for this functionality for monaural fittings, but unfortunately don’t have a timeline for when it will be available. We apologize for this inconvenience. In the meantime, we suggest clicking on “audio source” and then “iPhone” when a phone call comes in to speak on the phone without your hearing aid. If you have additional questions, please let us know!

    1. Hi Gary, we’re currently testing the updated iOS 8.1 and will let you know when our testing is complete. Can you give us more details about the issues your encountering?

  17. I was fitted with two Linx 7 RIE which I found did not have induction loop capability. I am told that that the Linx 7 BTE model does have that capability but can find no mention of it anywhere in the literature. Can you confirm that the BTE Linx 7 does have the loop and does it differ in any other way except for size?

    1. Hi James, our ReSound LiNX BTE models (77 and 88) do both have a telecoil that will work with a looping system. The main differences between the ReSound LiNX RIE and BTE are battery life (BTE has a longer life with the 13 battery), the addition of a manual volume control button on the BTE and the size. If you have any additional questions, let us know!

      1. So can you tell me what the difference is between the 77 and 88 and where I can find more information about them. They don’t seem to figure in any of your literature.

      2. Hi James, an 88 BTE is considered a “power BTE” while a 77 is considered a “standard BTE”, meaning the 88 provides more output and more gain. Your hearing healthcare provider can help you determine which model is best for you dependent on your type and level of hearing loss.

  18. ” clicking on “audio source” and then “iPhone” is not good enough. There is no reason the phone audio cannot be the default and the hearing aid (s) an option. In addition, I have had several important calls where my audio simply vanishes. People can hear me but I cannot hear them. This is not what a device like this should do.

    1. stuckinred, we’re very sorry that you’re encountering these issues. It is actually Apple protocol that determines the default audio source when answering a phone call. We will definitely pass this along to our development team that works with Apple. Together we’re working through some stability issues that arose with iOS 8 which will hopefully be resolved in a future update.

      1. Enough of blaming everything on Apple. They aren’t the one getting $7K a pop for their product. I suspect your sales of LinX 9 would be much lower if it wasn’t for the iPhone tie-in, which is a total disaster. I had to buy a Unite remote just because I couldn’t depend on iPhone connectivity.

        Ironically, while talking to my audiologist’s office today, the link kept cutting in and out. So much so, that I was asked what the problem was. They weren’t pleased to hear (intermittently, of course) that it was the product which they had recently sold me.

        Your company writes great sales brochures and position available descriptions. Too bad you didn’t hire the six new quality and test engineers at the start of the development process and not at the end. There’s always time to fix the problems and do redesign after development has been rushed though.

        Still, the LiNX 9 does provide exceptional sound quality – when I can get it to link to my iPhone 6 Plus.

        P.S. I find it curious that the LiNX 9 works flawlessly with the TV Streamer 2 and the Remote Control 2 .Maybe Resound should have the team responsible for that connectivity to fix the iPhone connectivity problems.

      2. I use a LiNX 7 and and iPhone 5S and I haven’t found any problem with the ReSound app or the iPhone. I also use the ReSound TV2 streamer which is great. Maybe try reloading the app. Rebooting programs invariably solves issues. Regards, James

  19. I’ve had my Resound Linx for a month now and can without hesitation declare that the iphone connectivity is a total disaster. Poor audio quality when answering calls or listening to music. . Long delays when connecting. Wifi interference with everything nearby. I’ve been discussing this with apple and resound and have not gotten any answers despite the fact that I have personally demonstrated the issues to both apple and resound reps. Both Apple and resound have development teams that are aware of these issues. But resound will not guarantee to me that when and if a fix comes out that I will receive the fix. So I’m returning mine for refund. Frustrated after spending too many hours doing resounds unofficial beta testing.

    1. Hi Jerry, we’re sorry to hear that your experience with the ReSound LiNX iPhone connection was not a good one. We recognize that the technology is not perfect but are working diligently with Apple to resolve issues that have come up. Did your hearing care professional make adjustments to improve the sound quality, such as increasing bass boost? You might also consider trying a micro-mold or more occluding dome to preserve the low frequencies. Also, there will be an update available to your hearing care professional next week that improves the connection speed to the iPhone – making it 2 – 3 times faster than it connects today. If you have questions or would like to speak to someone on our consumer support team, you can always call (888) 735-4327.

  20. Hey gn, it sounds interesting with the made for iPhone capability! When using ‘listen live’ feature, will there be a delay and if so for how much? Will the received sound be in lipsync with the speaker or will it lag behind?

    1. Hi Henrik, Made for iPhone (MFi) is really exciting technology. There may be a slight delay, whenever an audio source is transmitted, but not one that you will notice since you’re far enough away from the speaker to need the Live Listen feature. I think you will find this feature to be of great benefit. I encourage you to speak with your hearing care professional about giving ReSound LiNX a trial run.

  21. Hi James,
    Thanks for your interest. I’ve tried what you suggested and many other things as well. Basically, I have the same problems as everyone else had. I’m installing iOS 8.1.1 beta and getting the new firmware installed next Tuesday.
    If I see a significant improvement, I’ll let everyone know.
    Regards, Gary

    1. Hi Gary, We’re sorry to hear you’ve been having connection issues. However, the firmware update should help your connection speed. In the meantime, it would be great if you reached out to our consumer support team to discuss some potential solutions. You can connect with them at (888) 735-4327 or

  22. Made for iPhone may be “exciting technology” but it doesn’t work! The iOS 8 iterations have FUBARed the Linx 9 to iPhone connection. My wife just got the Linx 9 and a new iPhone 6 plus. Same issue as everyone else has, the aids cut in and out, left right both. This tech is not ready for prime time.

    1. Looks like Apple has iOS 8.1.1 in beta. Our provider says that after an iOS update they get a firmware update a week later. Is there any way of knowing that the root cause of this problem has been identified and is being addressed by 8.1.1? The only reason we bought the Linx was for iPhone connectivity and our provider is more than willing to switch my wife to another brand.

      1. We’re sorry to hear that the connection experience for you hasn’t been ideal. We are aware that some users are experiencing these issues and our developers are working diligently with Apple to create a more stable connection. However, your hearing care provider should have a firmware update that aims to improve the connection speed. In the meantime we recommend contacting our consumer support at 1-888-735-4327 or to walk through some steps that might improve connectivity.

  23. I also feel a responsibility to share these issues with my VA audiologist. It’s hard enough to get vets to consider hearing aids and if they don’t work. . . well that’s a real problem. Gary Hitchcock may be tired of blaming Apple but I don’t really care who’s to blame, fixit.

  24. I am getting some resound linx 7’s and was excited initially and went and bought an iphone 6 but after reading this blog I am skeptical and a little worried. Have there been any improvements at this point in time?

    1. Thank you for posting, Thomas. There were some issues with the rollout of iOS 8 and the new iPhones but, through the collaboration of our developers and Apple, we have seen a great deal of improvements over the last few months. The current iOS version of 8.1.2 as well as the firmware upgrade to the ReSound LiNX hearing aids have really improved the connectivity and streaming. We are encouraged and look forward to continued improvements as technology advances. In addition to the Made for iPhone functionality, ReSound LiNX continues to have industry-leading sound quality, feedback management and speech understanding in noisy environments. We’d love to hear what you think once you get them. Of course, should you have any additional questions or issues, please contact our Consumer Support team at 888-735-4327.

      1. I have owned and used the new Resounds Linx 9 hearing aids for approximately 2 months after reviewing many reviews concerning these hearing aids. There have been a good deal of complaints about connectivity between the Apple App and Resounds HAs. My own experience is that since Resound has made their firmware upgrade through their dealers, I have experienced no connectivity problems with their Linx 9. In fact the connection takes place in approximately 10 seconds rather than there several minutes it previously required. The new IOS 8.1.2 seemed to have little effect on improvement of connectivity in my experience, but the new Resound firmware update in October 2014 made a significant difference. One cautionary note: you need to keep your Iphone in the usual 30 foot proximity with the HAs; otherwise you will loose connectivity between them. Also you need to consult your Resound dealer to obtain the new October firmware update. >

  25. My father has recently purchased the linx ha and so far has had no issues with connectivity. The only issue he is experiencing is with regard to hands free phone calls in his car. The quality is very poor. The voice is garbled on both ends of the call. I have tried to change the iphone to car multimedia and it is still garbled. Is there something else I can try? I also left the ha in the house to make sure the phone call was clear without the ha around and the call clarity was fine.

    1. Hi Sue, welcome to the ReSound family! We are sorry to hear that your father is experiencing a reduction in call quality. We are aware of some issues arising due to the myriad of car manufacturers, systems and platforms. I would encourage resetting the network settings on the iPhone and re-pairing both the ReSound LiNX and the car to your fathers iPhone. Please be aware that doing this will also forget any saved wi-fi passwords so make sure that you know or have access to the passwords for any known wireless networks.

      Below are the steps to reset the network settings and re-pair your father’s ReSound LiNX. You will want to refer to the car’s user manual for re-pairing the iPhone to the car. We do encourage the use of fresh batteries, as these will ensure the best connection possible, and also suggest turning off any other Bluetooth devices during the pairing process to avoid any interference.

      1. To start, go to settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids and tap on the “i” to the right of your hearing aids. On the next screen, tap and forget the device. If you are unable to forget the device, go to step 2.
      2. Next, turn off Bluetooth on your phone and open the battery doors on your hearing aids.
      3. Go to settings>general>reset (at the bottom)>reset network settings. You will be prompted for your pass code if your phone is pass code protected. Confirm that you would like to reset network settings by clicking on the red writing in the pop-up box. Your phone will now reset the settings and restart.
      4. Once your phone has restarted go to: settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids.
      5. Turn Bluetooth on (under devices) and close your hearing aid doors. Your hearing aids will show up in black writing.
      6. Tap on the writing and it should turn blue and place a black check mark to the left. You will get a pairing request for each aid.
      7. Accept the request and give them up to 2 minutes (or until you hear 6 beeps, followed by a ripple tone in each ear) to finish their connection.

      I hope that this helps to improve the call quality! If you have any questions about the above or would like someone to walk you through these steps, please don’t hesitate to call our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at 1-888-735-4327.

      1. I can’t seem to keep my clip+ to my linx9 hearing aids. My iPhone 5c is not pw protected. When I was at dr office the phone clip showed up on the resound ap I have on my phone and everything was working fine. Then a pw screen showed up temporarily while I was getting into my car. It went away but then I had connectivity issues by the time I got home. I keep repairing my aids and phone but it still happens. Do you think it would help to reset the network connections or do you have any other ideas?

      2. Thank you for contacting ReSound, Tonya. If you have already unpaired and repaired the Unite Phone Clip+ to your phone but still struggle to maintain a connection, we suggest resetting the network settings and repairing the Unite Phone Clip+ to your phone. We’re not sure what the pop-up requesting a password would be as neither the hearing aids nor Unite Phone Clip+ require one. However, if you continue to have connectivity issues or have any other questions, I encourage you to contact our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at 1-888-735-4327.

  26. Brian (full name: James Brian Oliver)

    A month ago I got my first LiNX (TS 961) hearing aids on a trial basis. Only when I was having them fitted did my audiologist discover that they lacked coil receiver capability. So now I am back to square one. On the 15th of November, your correspondent, James, wanted to know what the difference is between the 77 and 88 (877? and 888?) models and was referred to his hearing healthcare provider for relevant information. I am still unable to find adequate information on the ReSound websites about these models and compatible accessories. I would like to get a clear picture of the alternatives and their capabilities BEFORE I consult my audiologist again. I would be grateful if you would post a link or links to this information here on this blog.

    1. Hi Brian, you can find this information at under the “For Professionals” tab and then “Resource Library” and search “ReSound LiNX”. Here is the link to that search : You might find the ReSound LiNX 77 data sheet and ReSound LiNX 88 data sheet most useful – they provide a detailed feature list, including the telecoil capability you’re looking for. If you have any additional questions or issues, please contact our Consumer Support team at 888-735-4327 or

      1. Just an update on my experience. I initially was fitted with a Linx 7 which was great but it didn’t have the coil receiver capability. I was able to change it to the Linx 7 which does have it but I really did not like the increase in size and the ear fitting so I changed back to the smaller model. I am very happy with that and have given up on the coil capability. James

      2. Many thanks for this information. I much appreciate it and I must say that the speed of your response at this season of the year is impressive. I have a further request for the time being. The LiNX model I have on trial allows me to select among 4 alternative programs, which I was informed was the maximum number possible to have installed. Please can you tell me if this is the maximum number available or possible with the LN-988. Also, where can I find information about what each alternative program actually attempts to achieve. I feel that this information should make it easier to select an appropriate set of programs and to evaluate these during a trial period.

      3. Happy holidays, Brian. We do our best to reply as quickly as possible as we know these answers can help you to have a better experience. You were informed correctly that the ReSound LiNX 9 (all styles) are able to have a maximum of 4 program settings. By default, these programs are All Around, Restaurant, Outdoor and Traffic. Your programs will be set and determined by your hearing care professional based on your specific hearing needs and wants. Many people only have one program while others have programs created for their own specific needs. As a musician, one of our customer support team members has a program designed for use when he is out playing a concert. We encourage you to speak with your hearing care professional to help determine what your needs are and therefore what programs they can design for you. If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Support Team at 888-735-4327.

  27. I wish I could have been notified somehow not to update to iOS 8 (although that is not a very acceptable “solution”). I had a few issues when I first got my Linx 961 and was using iOS 7, but since updating to iOS 8 the problems have been beyond annoying. Really unforgivable for such an expensive device. The already slow connection speed when an audio stream begins has become ridiculously slow. When somebody calls me they get blank air for 10-15 seconds while I go “hello, hello, hello, can you hear me yet, hello?” Or if I’m streaming the audio from my navigation app I miss half of the instructions before it kicks in, making it useless. Worse, the connection cuts out randomly while in the middle of a call. Sometimes I even “hear” the Linx randomly connecting and disconnecting from my iphone even when the phone is doing nothing.

    Also, before I could switch streaming back and forth between my iPhone and my iPad. Now my iPad constantly bugs me by trying to take the connection away from my iPhone. I tried to unpair from my iPad (and give up that functionality that I paid for) but apparently (and unforgivably) there is no way to unpair a device once it’s been paired. No matter how many times I tell my iPad to “forget this device” it keeps re-pairing automatically! I now have to leave Bluetooth turned off on my iPad!!! Speaking of Bluetooth, now my connection to my car’s hands free Bluetooth has become hit or miss.

    I know, I know, “We recognize that the technology is not perfect but are working diligently with Apple to resolve issues that have come up.” I’m glad you’re being diligent, but it’s been months now. Maybe you should have been diligent about warning your customers not to update to iOS 8? You do realize the Apple will come out with iOS 9 next fall. Will the problems be fixed before then and if so will everything break again with the next major update? And… wait a second… “We recognize that the technology is not perfect”. I sure didn’t see that anywhere in your brochure or on your website. Have you added that caveat now, or are you still selling them to unsuspecting customers as “Made For iPhone”?

    1. I think that I succeeded in unpairing by turning off bluetooth: Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing Aids > Bluetooth > push button on this line to off. My goal is to be able to keep the iphone around and be able to call it if I forget where it is and have it ring by itself, and not just ring in my hearing aids.


  28. One other very annoying issue that I didn’t notice before iOS 8, whenever I open ANY program on my phone that uses sound the phone freezes for several seconds while it try’s to connect. Even apps like the camera that only have a shutter sound or my calculator that has key clicks. Very annoying to open the camera for a quick picture or the calculator for a quick addition and have to wait for the Linx to connect before I can do anything. There really should be a way to control which apps use the connection, or at least have a toggle that limits it to phone use only.

    1. Hi Mark, Thank you for posting to our blog. We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having and understand your frustration. We are always working to improve the ReSound LiNX experience and welcome your comments. We’re going to email you directly and so we can more quickly help to resolve and explain some of the issues you are experiencing. If you don’t receive an email shortly, please call us at 888-735-4327.

  29. Where can I find a definitive list of the various beeps/bongs and their meaning? I have yet to find any description or even acknowledgement of their existence in Resound’s literature or on the internet. It should be in a user manual. For example: what does 6 beeps mean?; What is the signal that the battery needs changing?

    1. Hi Gary, thank you for contacting ReSound. The most accessible list and descriptions of the notification tones is located in the ReSound Smart app itself. When you launch the app, go to the Menu screen, tap on “My hearing Aids” and then on “Melody Player.” As long as your hearing aids are connected to your phone, you will be able to read the various descriptions and play the accompanying tones. We hope that this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Support Specialists at 888-735-4327 should you have any other questions or concerns.

  30. Thank you once more for your prompt reply and seasonal greetings. What you tell me raises a general issue which I suspect may concern many of your readers and, not least, yourselves and your own top management.

    I decided to try your company’s hearing aids because I reasoned that by inviting users to take a degree of control over the way they perform, Resound was “on the side of the angels” so to speak. This blog helped to reinforce that impression. I thought and hoped that your company had understood that a mature and efficient dialogue between clients and their medical advisers requires both parties to have a realistic picture of the options. In the part of the world where I live (as elsewhere, I suppose) competent audiologists are very busy people. Consultations have to be scheduled many weeks – and sometimes months in advance. All too often, these are rendered ineffective and innefficient by patients’ inability to ask the right questions and/or to evaluate the advice they might be given. Serious follow-up is rarely a feasible option. There is always a stop-watch running in the background. And, because of these constrictions, I am surely not alone in doubting that these experts, however well-intentioned, always know what is best for us. Assurances to the contrary risk being dismissed as pious hopes, but they do your company no credit if they are also seen as patently unrealistic.

    I would like to think that smartphone controlled hearing aids represent more than a cool, trendy, commercial gimmick. (If that were so, ReSound would be needing a new gimmick in no time.) I would prefer to believe that they are evidence that your company’s leaders recognize that the world is undergoing an IT-driven social revolution comparable to that brought about by Gutenberg’s printing press. Access to appropriate information helps us (re)gain control of our lives. Subservience to expertise is out: informed participation is in. I hope that they recognise that most of ReSound’s customers are likely to be mature, responsible, lifelong decision takers who want the best products available AND require easy access to comprehensive, systematic information about them. If they don’t know this, you should tell them, for your sakes and theirs. I am convinced that only companies that understand this will survive and stay ahead.

    So, dear bloggers, please forgive this homily (or rant, if you prefer). But if you have not decided on a new year resolution yet, why not make it: “Give less assurances. Build on your undoubted strengths: what you are able to do well. Keep your customers fully informed.

  31. Two things.
    1) Resound is sold in costco’s. I don’t want to buy hearing aids that are sold in wholesale bargain marts. Resound really needs to rethink that.
    2) Starkey has the Halo which does the same thing, has been around longer, and still outperforms the Linx. How did this happen? If Resound knew that standards they had to beat, and it was only one aid, how did they fail???

  32. I have just started my 60 day trial period of the Resound Linx 9 hearing aids. My previous hearing aids were Vivatone Entre Plus 450’s which have served me well. I am especially interested in having aids which can be adjusted by the wearer without returning to the audiologist for every little change. I am not ready to replace my cell phone and was told by my audiologist that Resound may be developing a software update that would permit the Linx9 units to link with android or other platform based phones later this year. I that software update in the works or is this only wishful thinking?

    My other question is whether the changes made by the user via a phone remain in the aids if the battery door is opened for any reason? I would hate to have to re-adjust he aids every time I turn them back on.

    1. Hi Rich, Thanks for posting to our blog. You are contacting us at just the right time, the ReSound LiNX hearing aids will be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 starting in February. Other Android phones will hopefully be added in the near future.

      The changes made by the user will be active until the user changes the program or the battery doors are opened. When the battery doors are closed and the hearing aids turn on, they will always go to their default settings set by the hearing care professional. The exception is if you are in a location to which you have saved a “My Place”. This is a specific setting for a location’s GPS coordinates and your “My Place” settings will activate when the phone recognizes you are in that location.

      Let us know if you have any further questions. You can also call our consumer support team at 1-888-735-4327 or e-mail them at

      1. Well I just got my Linx9 in February. My audiologist told me that they had no idea when they would be compatible with my Samsung S5. So I went to the expense of buying the IPhone. Very disappointed at having this extra expense for a new phone that I didn’t really need, Additionally anytime I do something on the phone like check Facebook, the HA;s seem to cut out.

      2. Hi Debby, thanks for contacting us. We understand that the timing of this launch would be frustrating, but the information that your audiologist had at the time of your purchase was the most recent information that was available. Just so you know as well, the direct connection between ReSound LiNX and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is for remote use only, audio streaming will not occur like on the iPhone 5 or newer. The Galaxy S5 still needs the PhoneClip + for audio streaming.

        With regard to the hearing aids cutting out – those apps are likely activating the audio portion of the iPhone which in turn activates the hearing aids. For Facebook you will want to navigate to “More” > “Settings” > “Sounds” > Toggle “In-App Sound” to Off. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Support Team at (888) 735-4327 or

      3. I have my settings for FB set as indicated in your message below, but still experience the ” cutting out” when FB is being looked at. Seems like it “cuts out” at other times also. Maybe it is activity on the IPhone that I am not aware of.
        This is my first pair of HA so I don’t really have a comparison. Battery life is about 4 days, but I always have Bluetooth turned on.

        With regard to the hearing aids cutting out – those apps are likely activating the audio portion of the iPhone which in turn activates the hearing aids. For Facebook you will want to navigate to “More” > “Settings” > “Sounds” > Toggle “In-App Sound” to Off. If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Support Team at (888) 735-4327 or

  33. First I have to say that i am pleased to read that most commentators are happy with the sound quality of the Linx.I will get a pair of Linx 7 in a few days and I am looking at blogs and support sites to find out as much about them as I can.Now, coming to the wireless connectivity site of the Linx, something GN calls “made for Iphone”. I have to confess that I am an die-hart android user and really don’t like Apple products for various reason. I am also an IT professional and know a thing or two about things like the Bluetooth stack and wireless conductivity.
    Here some thought of mine about the push of GN to use Apple products to gain full access to the advanced features the Linx have on offer.
    Apple worked closely with ReSound on the hearing aid and assisted them in publicizing its launch.
    As usual Apple is extremely good in pushing this sort of technological developments, and they are even better in marketing it. The technology used for conductivity is marketed by GN and Apple as “low power Bluetooth” .or “Bluetooth Smart”.One could come to the conclusion that “Apple done it again”. The fact is that Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, as well as OS X, Linux, and Windows 8, natively support Bluetooth Smart.There are many profiles for Bluetooth Smart devices in healthcare applications as blood pressure,body temperature,heart Rate and more.
    Considering this and the fact that outside the US the most used smartphone OS by a long way is Android, why is GS not developing the same application for the Android OS? Why have android users have to pay another hundred of dollars for a phone clip to get the same functionality with the linx as Iphone users can enjoy? As much as a support and applaud the introduction of wireless capability for hearing aid, I strongly feel that GN is putting a lot of users at an disadvantage by pushing Apples agendas and neglecting the most used phone OS worldwide, the Android OS. Technically it would not be a problem to have the same capability’s with latest Android phones,but Apples marketing department worked overtime again and stifles the development of this kind of technological development for other platforms.

    1. Hi Ortwin, we are launching the ReSound Smart app for the Android platform with the Samsung Galaxy S5 soon, which allows for remote functionality with ReSound LiNX. If you do have more questions, please feel free to reach out to our consumer support team at 1-888-735-4327 or e-mail them at

    2. Gary Hitchcock

      See my reply to DiOrio below. Resound needs to get Bluetooth connection problems with Apple solved before tackling Android.
      Remember Resound is not even a blip on Apple’s bootom line. How much urgency do you suppose they attacht o Resound’s problems?

  34. On Jan 29 I purchased a pair of Resound Linx 588 from my audiologist expecting that I would be able to connect them to my Iphone 6. The audiologist’s hearing aid dispenser person downloaded the resound app on my Iphone, and the could not connect the aids to the phone. She placed a call to the distributor and was advised that I need an additional devise to make the connection. This devise won’t be available till late March, and now that I am researching on the internet, I realize that I should have purchased the Resound 9 aids which would connect without this third devise. I have a month to change my mind , however the aids do work fairly well. I purchased the iphone last year in anticipation of having this capability. I’m going to call the audiologist tomorrow and see if they will let me trade up to the 9 from the 5. I am however disappointed that this wasn’t explained to me, and the dispenser wasn’t familiar with all the ins and outs of these aids. Am I understanding all this correctly?

    1. Resound is still having connection problems between iPhone and Llinx 9, which i have. They keep saying he next iOS update will solve the problem, but it never does.I had to buy a Resound Unite 2 Remote to control my HAs. I would be hesitant to buy Linx 9 at this point. Unfortunalely I am past the 90 day window since I got them last July (2014).

      They are prone to dropout when linked to my iPhone 6 Plus, if I am able to get them to connect at all.

      Color me unhappy and dissatified with my expensive HAs.

    2. Hi Francis, thank you for contacting us. You are correct, the ReSound LiNX 5 hearing aids will not connect directly to iOS devices but will connect using the ReSound Unite PhoneClip+. The ReSound LiNX 7 and 9 will connect directly with the iPhone 5 or newer. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our consumer support team at 1-888-735-4327 or

  35. I am considering the Costco Kirkland Signature hearing aid. I am also an IPhone user (6). Do you know when there will be a “refresh” of the current Kirkland 5.0 model?

  36. I just bought your very expensive resound hearing aid and so far so good. I thought I saw some where from my readings or you tube that I can use my iPhone as a mic and place it near the person I’m talking to and carry on a conversation. It seems you not only sell expensive hearing aids but other devises too. Now I have to buy a mic accessory to clip on the person? If I do I doubt I will buy the TV streamer. I’m not made of money. I find it interesting every time I buy a new hearing aid the price has increased lots.
    Anyone else using other devises resound sells. Are they worth the money?

    1. Hi Richard, you are correct that you can use your iPhone as a remote microphone. This will not require you to buy any additional devices. As long as you are paired and connected to your iPhone, you can triple click on the home button and activate the “native app” that Apple has built in. You will see “Live Listen” towards the top of the screen. Just tap on “Start Live Listen” and hand your phone to the person you would like speak with. Their voice will be picked up by your phone and streamed directly to your hearing aids. To turn this function off, you will just tap on “End Live Listen.” We hope that this helps. If you have any other questions or issues, please call our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at: 888-735-8479.

      1. It’s not working so do I need to download the app? If so what’s the name? Native app does not work
        Thank you!!

      2. Hi Richard, we’re sorry to hear that you continue to have issues with Apple’s native app. We would be more than happy to help troubleshoot the issue. Please contact our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at 888-735-4327.

    2. The Mimi mic is well worth the money . I am a therapist and the ability to hear even mumbled and soft spoken words is a therapy saver! My clients appreciate it as well since they no longer need to repeat things uttered under stress or during an emotional catharsis.

      1. I wish they would combine this with the phone clip. Why have to buy two separate mics? $$$$$

  37. Where I struggle is in movie theaters. Currently, I go in to my iphoneprogram and set the bass all the way down and dial the treble all the was up. That helps me hear the verbal moments and whispers. However, I am still not satisfied with the quality I get with these adjustments. Also, every movie is different and that proposes a unique challenge for every movie going experience. Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Lynette. We’re sorry to hear that you’re struggling with sound quality during movies. It sounds like you are already taking advantage of the bass and treble features of the ReSound Smart app. However, if there are still certain sounds or aspects of the movies (such as speech) that you are unhappy with, we suggest speaking with your hearing care professional. They may be able to either adjust your current programs or possibly create a new program with the specific intention of movie watching in mind. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our consumer support specialists at 888-735-8479.

  38. I am considering purchasing the resound linx 961. I currently have the verso 9. What would be the difference between the 2 with the exception of iphone compatibility? Battery size and life expectancy, will it be compatible with iphone 6?

    1. Hi milkeway1973, we’re glad to hear you’re considering ReSound LiNX 961. To answer your question, ReSound LiNX 9 is compatible with the iPhone 6 and has three form factors that you can see in our brochure: Additionally, you’ll see in the brochure the newest audiological features that differentiate it from ReSound Verso. We also recently launch ReSound LiNX2 – which is our latest generation smart hearing aid. You can learn more about it at If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Support team at (888) 735-4327.

  39. Hi, I have recently been quoted for supply from my Audiologist a pair of LiNX 5 LN561-DRW RIE
    Can you assist me to find this hearing aid on line to research the same, plus can the LiNX 5 be paired directly to the iphone 5s.
    Thanks, Wayne.

    1. Thank you for contacting ReSound, Wayne. We suggest visiting our website ( for information and features of the ReSound LiNX. As for pairing, ReSound LiNX 5 does not directly pair to the iPhone but the newly released ReSound LiNX² does. We would encourage you to speak with your hearing care professional about this exciting new line of hearing aids. If you have any further questions, please contact our consumer support team at or 1-888-735-4327.

  40. I still don’t understand this hearing aid. My father can no longer wear Lyrica ( I think that is what it is called). The hearing aid in the above article requires you to have a phone on you at all times? ALso, He needs a hearing aid so he can watch TV, he does not use an ipad or iphone. Would he have to purchae an iphone and then have this iphone on his person at all times? And would it help with watching tv? Or talking over a reg corded phone?

    1. Elizabeth, Thank you for posting on our blog. The ReSound LiNX hearing aids do not require a smartphone for operation. Even without the smartphone capabilities, they are still top-rated hearing aids with regard to sound quality. What would require a smartphone are some of the control interactions. Volume, treble/bass, noise reduction and wind reduction are a few of the features that can be controlled with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch through our ReSound Smart app.

      We also have a line of accessories called Unite Accessories that are made to complement and improve a user’s hearing aid experience. One of which specifically addresses the second question you posed – The Unite TV Streamer 2. It connects to a TV’s audio output and transmits via Bluetooth directly to the hearing aids. He would be able to listen to the TV at whatever volume he needed without disturbing anyone else.

      If you have any further questions you can contact our consumer support team at or 1-888-735-4327.

  41. I have the LiNX9 and I am not really thrilled. Using them with my IPhone 6 is not a good experience. The sound shifts back and forth from ear to ear, so I lose some conversation when that happens and it is annoying. I have not found that any of the settings muffle background noise. All sounds are elevated so the individual programs set in the app really offer no difference. Sounds on the phone are either too soft or too loud and it really is not the experience I was hoping for. I thought that for the big cost I would have clarity and I just don’t.

    1. Thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry to hear that you are not having a great experience. We recommend resetting the network settings and re-pairing your ReSound LiNX 9 hearing aids. This should improve the connection and quality. We’ve included those steps below. As for the issue of background noise, the program your hearing care professional set will not affect the background noise suppression when you are on phone calls. We suggest turning the phone call volume up (using the physical volume buttons on your iPhone) and turn the hearing aids down using either the ReSound Smart app or the triple-click/native app. This will allow you to independently control both the volume of the call as well as how much (or little) ambient noise there is. Here are the steps for resting the network settings. Should you continue to have any issues, we encourage you to call our Consumer Technical Support Specialists at: 888-735-4327 and press option 1.

      Resetting the Network Settings and repairing your hearing aids.

      Make sure that you have/know your Wi-Fi passwords (as this will be forgotten during the process of resetting). I also highly recommend turning off any other Bluetooth devices (iPad, iPod etc…) during the pairing process. This can sometimes cause confusion with the hearing aids. Make sure you have fresh batteries as this will ensure the best connectivity and experience. When you remove the tabs from the batteries, allow them to sit for 2 minutes to fully charge up

      1. To start, go to settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids and tap on the “i” to the right of your hearing aids. On the next screen, tap and forget the device. If you are unable to forget the device, go to step 2.
      2. Next, turn off Bluetooth on your phone and open the battery doors on your hearing aids.
      3. Go to settings>general>reset (at the bottom)>reset network settings. You will be prompted for your pass code if your phone is pass code protected. Confirm that you would like to reset network settings by clicking on the red writing in the pop up box. Your phone will now reset the settings and restart.
      4. Once your phone has restarted go to: settings>general>accessibility>hearing aids.
      5. Turn Bluetooth on (under devices) and close your hearing aid doors. Your hearing aids will show up in black writing.
      6. Tap on the writing and it should turn blue and place a black check mark to the left. You will get a pairing request for each aid.
      7. Accept the request and give them about 30-45 seconds to finish their connection.

  42. Bruce Laughton

    I have been very pleased with my Lyinx 9 and iPhone 6. the only problem I have is the hearing aids take so long to activate when a call has been answered, There is that 4 to 6 seconds where the caller can here me but I can’t hear them.

    Is there a way to answer that will activate the hearing aids more quickly?

    1. Hi Bruce, thank you for contacting us. There was a firmware update released in October 2014 that reduced this delay. If you received your ReSound LiNX hearing aids before that date and have not had the firmware updated, we encourage you to visit your hearing care professional to receive this update. We also encourage you to update the latest version of iOS if you have not (currently iOS 8.3). Also, try navigating to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Call audio routing -> Switch from “automatic” to “headset”. If you have any further question give our consumer support team a call at 1-888-735-4327 or e-mail them at

    1. Hi Calvin, Thanks for contacting us. At this time notification sounds will not come through the hearing aids when connected directly to an iPhone. This is a parameter that is built deep into the phone so we are unable to change it or allow for user control. However, we suggest setting the phone to vibrate on ring which has proved successful for patients having an issue with missing calls. If you have any further questions give our consumer support team a call at 1-888-735-4327 or e-mail them at

  43. Hello, I have an odd question. I have an HSA-health savings account which I can use to purchase a Linx hearing aid. I found out the Resound Smart App which can control volume, etc. does not work on the iPhone 4S. This would require me to update to an iPhone 5 or above. Not sure if there are any tax pros that could answer this question. Would the purchase of newer iPhone to support the control features of a hearing aid qualify as a medical deduction? I have read that special telephones do quality, but could not see anything related to smartphones. I would kindly appreciate any help if anyone knows.

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for contacting ReSound. We recommend contacting your tax advisor for advice on this issue. Because tax laws vary from state to state, we’re unable to answer this question specifically for you. If you have any further questions please feel free to give our consumer support team a call at 1-888-735-4327 or e-mail them at

    2. Gary Hitchcock

      If you buy the Linx because it can be used with an iPhone, in my opinion that would be a mistake. I have had a Linx 9 since August, 2014 and have found it necessary to buy a Unite TV Streamer, a Unite Remote, and a Unite Phoneclip +. All work more effectively than the iPhone integration. It’s true that the iPhone integration has steadily gotten better, but Resound and Apple are two different companies with different priorities. Not something to depend on where something as aimportant and expensive as your hearing is concerned.

      My currnt iPhone is a 6 Plus, ans a 5s before that. I’ve had iPhones for about seven years so I am quite comfortable with their operation and shortcomings..

      Remember, too, that the Linx 9 is a first generation device, if you decide on a Linx, get the Linx2.

      I have worn many brands of hearing aids since 1977 (the Army). the Linx 9 has excellent audio, but so, I expect, do the other digital brands.

      Good luck in improving your hearing experience.

      1. Hi Gary,
        I appreciate your feedback regarding the Linx accessories. I actually just got fitted this week for ear impression, so I should have my Linx hearing aid in about three weeks. I was also allowed to demo a hearing aid at the site, and used the remote and mini microphone accessories. I will be buying both items, but undecided on the TV streamer, at the moment.

        Like yourself, I have been wearing a hearing aid most of my life, since it was discovered I had hearing loss, when I was five years. old. It is amazing the advances they have made in the past decade. I have been saving up money using my Health Savings Account, the past two years, to get this latest technology and since its compatible with the iPhone, I figured I would look into using this as well.

        My question was more around whether the iPhone would qualify as a medical expense. I figure, if I have money to use in my HSA, I wouldn’t have to pay for it out of pocket. I have read Publication 502 and while they say that special telephones that help the deaf, hard of hearing qualify, there is nothing mentioned about smartphone apps that work with hearing aids. I would think since the apps controls feature on the hearing aid, this would technically qualify. I just don’t want to use my HSA money and find out later that it doesn’t qualify. I will probably check in with a tax professional to see if they can shed any light on the subject.

        Again, thanks for your input and I can’t wait until early July to finally get into the wireless world. I am excited, since the last aid I purchased was in 2003, so I am well overdue for a newer model.


  44. Thanks Gary for your info. I have been using the Linx2 with my IPhone 6 Plus. When it works it is great but often find the sound switching from one ear to the other and I loose part of the conversation. I may have to suck it up and get thePhoneClip

  45. I have a new Linx2 – right ear only, which I am still adjusting to, with an IPhone 6. It pairs fine, however the distortion I get when using bluetooth streaming is terrible – speech is almost incomprehensible, and music is not even recognisable as music. Yet when I play it through headphones – to that right ear only – with my hearing aid on, the sound is much better- not perfect, but music sounds like music, albeit with the bass very weak (I’m hoping this can be adjusted). If anything I would have thought the streaming should produce a better result, as background noise would be eliminated. As I’m new to hearing aids I’m not sure what to expect. I see in the Resound smart app a new “Program” appears when the phone is connected to the hearing aid, so I wonder if this program needs to be set up to match my hearing loss, and that could be the reason the sound seems so distorted to me. Because my hearing loss is a bit unusual (severe loss in lower and higher frequencies, with only a mild loss in the middle), if there is a default setting for people with high frequency loss that might not work well for me.

    1. Hi Wendy. Thank you for reaching out to us. It sounds like there might be something wrong with the connection between your ReSound LiNX² and your iPhone. We suggest un-pairing the hearing aid, rebooting your phone and re-pairing the hearing aid. This can often clean up any connectivity issues. If you would like assistance with this, please call our Consumer Technical Support team at 888-735-4327 and choose option 1. If possible, we do encourage you to call from another phone to make troubleshooting easier.

      As for the “iPhone” mode, this is a program that the phone automatically changes to whenever it is streaming any audio. This will include phone calls, music, audiobooks etc. When in this mode, many of the adjustments/settings that your hearing care professional set up in other programs, may not be applied. We encourage you to speak with your hearing care professional; they may be able to adjust the streaming to better suit your hearing needs.

  46. Steven Zorowitz

    Question: I have linx2 version 7 (both ears and great, by the way). I have an IPhone 6plus. Resound app is also great. But I’m new to using Facebook and have begun to do so. Other apps made noise, or notifications and I’ve pretty much managed them. But With Facebook, every time I open that app, the sound in my hearing aids completely shut down (even though in the resound app, it looks like they are connected and working). Is there some way I can stop Facebook cutting out sound to my hearing aids? I must exit Facebook, go to the resound app , click the “on/off button” to “off@ then turn it on again order to resume hearing properly.

    1. Hi Steven, Thank you for contacting us. We’re glad you’re liking your ReSound LiNX² hearing aids! To manage sounds with Facebook go to “More” at the bottom-right of the Facebook app -> Account Settings -> Sounds -> Turn of “In-App Sound” -> Go back one page -> Video’s and Photo’s -> Turn “Auto-play” to OFF. If you have any further questions contact our consumer support team at 1-888-735-4327 or

  47. Hi , when streaming either from tv or a phone call .. is this sound processed also to improve on my high frequency loss or does the sound come through as it is transmitted eg like a headphone set … thanks , Russell

    1. Hi Russell, thank you for contacting ReSound. Audio streamed from your TV or phone is processed to adjust for your hearing needs. Let us know if you have additional questions!

    1. Hi Roger. Thank you for contacting ReSound. The ReSound LiNX and ReSound LiNX² hearing aids will only pair with an iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 7.1.2 or higher. This will include the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus. We believe you connected with our consumer support team, but wanted to answer you here as well.

  48. When using apps like Facebook and email it turns the device off and on when starting and closing the app. Is this normal or is there a way to stop it?

    1. Hi Jesse, thanks for reaching out to us! There is a way to stop this from happening: Open the Facebook app on your phone. Navigate to More -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Videos and Photos -> Turn Autoplay to “Never play videos automatically”.

      Also from Account Settings -> Sounds -> Toggle In-App Sound to OFF.

      Depending on which e-mail client you are using, there should be similar settings. If you need assistance with this, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at or 1-888-735-4327.

    1. Hi Norma, Thanks for reaching out to us. Pressing the red call hang-up button should end the call the same way it would without the hearing aids connected. Let us know if we misunderstood your question! If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at or 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1.

  49. I have linx2 when I listen to music using Bluetooth it sounds like it’s an old am radio in a tin can. Is there anything that can be done for better sound quality. When I put my ear buds in it my phone or iPad sound fine. Not so much with the AIDS.

    1. Hi Rob, Thanks for contacting ReSound! When you’re listening to music, we recommend adjusting the bass and treble levels in the ReSound Smart App. Go to the Program screen and then tap on the button in the upper left hand corner and tap on Bass and Treble. If you find that raising the bass and lowering the treble helps then we recommend talking to your Hearing Care Professional about raising the bass in the streaming program for a more permanent solution. If you’re wearing a behind-the-ear or receiver-in-the-ear model, you also might want to talk to your Hearing Care Professional about trying a different type of dome. Your ear buds for your phone or iPad are likely more occluding, preserving the low frequency sounds that make music richer. A different dome might have this same effect for streaming music. Your Hearing Care Professional can recommend the best option for you.

  50. Am a veteran and have gotten the Linx 2 9 ITC from the Denver VA about a month ago. I had originally gotten them 3 weeks earlier, but, they wouldn’t pair, so were sent back and a brand new set sent to me. When working fine, the sound is very clear, better than other brands.

    However, initially the aids had a clipping or static-y noise on loud or high-frequency or transient sounds. The audiologist was able to adjust that out for the most part on the left, but, not fully on the right. I am not sure if a physical issue with mike or speaker, or an adjustment issue.

    I have iPhone 6s+ with latest iOS and Apple Watch with latest OS, and have used both, with and without the ReSound program to operate the aids. Mixed results with both methods:

    1. Volume controls in the ReSound programs don’t stay ganged, and keep separating into separate ones (this may be due to issue below).
    2. Streaming is flaky, and goes down hill on second and third day on batteries. See below.
    3. I have my phone also connected with BT to my Volvo S60, and at times incoming phone calls have issues figuring out which mic (car or phone) and which speaker (car or aid) to use.
    4. If I try and change the phone to NOT use the aids (so I can use the phone alone or as a speaker phone, it keeps changing back to use the aids).
    5. Streaming from my phone will drop off of one aid if I turn my head from side to side (aid furthest away drops out). See below.

    I have been in to have them adjusted three times now, and each time it’s been an experience as both the audiologist and I discover how to get things enable or configured right (she’s a bit unfamiliar, but, calls ReSound each time, and is working through the issues).

    We found that the aids were not synching with each other (mode or volume changed in one aid did not change the other aid), and when she called ReSound about that (as the setting WAS enabled), she suddenly burst out laughing–they had told her that some people have thick heads or lots of water in their heads, which attenuates the signal, which causes them not to sync and causes the streaming dropout when I turn my head.

    Due to this, she is ordering me a BTE version, which has both a larger battery and antenna, to see if that works better.

    I REALLY want to like these aids, but seems too many issues with configuration and battery to be ready for Prime Time.

    1. Hi Bill, thank you for providing this feedback. We’re looking into the issues you mentioned and working to connect a representative with your hearing care professional on how to address the challenges you’re having. Do you mind sharing with us the date of your next appointment so we can make sure to connect before then?

      1. Didn’t know my response to this email would be immediately posted to include my phone and other info, could you please remove that info from the Blog?

        Don’t see a way to contact directly.


        From: The Official ReSound Blog Reply-To: The Official ReSound Blog Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 12:24 To: “” Subject: [New comment] Clearing Up Confusion About iPhone Devices and Hearing Aids gnresound commented: “Hi Bill, thank you for providing this feedback. We’re looking into the issues you mentioned and working to connect a representative with your hearing care professional on how to address the challenges you’re having. Do you mind sharing with us the dat”

  51. Saw my audiologist today. Neither of us had been contacted by ReSound as promised. I traded in the ITC for the OTE ones, and these seemed to have resolved most if not all of the issues with the smaller ones.

    1. Hi Bill, our apologies that ReSound representatives haven’t been in touch. We’re glad to hear the new style seems to have resolved your issues. We’ll follow up with our representatives about getting in touch with your audiologist to discuss the issues you were having.

  52. This is a really old and long thread, but it seems to be still active! I am on the second day of my Linx2 7’s and am very happy so far. It seems that the Music program works best for me – everything, including speech and my own voice sounds more natural when set to Music. My audiologist had recommended leaving it on Automatic, so is there any disadvantage to using Music all the time? It even seems to work better for me in restaurants than the Restaurant program does. I’m curious what makes each program different, is it just the EQ adjustments or more? Finally, does this model (BTE) lack a telecoil?

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for reaching out to us. We’re glad that you’re enjoying your hew hearing aids! We recommend contacting your hearing care professional with these questions as they may have set specific programs based on your hearing loss. Certain ReSound LiNX2 BTEs do have a telecoil (in the 62, 77, and 88 models). The smallest model, the 61, does not have a telecoil. Let us know if you have additional questions!

  53. Thanks for the quick reply. The audiologist indicated that she hadn’t changed the program settings from the defaults. I was just wondering what it is about the music program that accounts for the “rounder” sound (the others sound more tinny and metallic to me). I have a 61 and like the small size but that means I can’t take advantage of hearing loops.

    1. Hi Steve, With the programs still at the default settings chances are the high frequency settings in the Restaurant Program need to be turned down to achieve the sound quality you prefer. Much like adjusting a stereo, the frequency needs to be balanced to achieve the clearer sound you are looking for. Your hearing care professional can help you balance these frequencies with the programming software.

  54. my kirkland signature 6.0 aids are not compatible with my iPhone 5s iOS 9 or with a new iPhone 5s. gn tech support seems lost in trying to resolve.

    1. Hi Bil! We spoke with our Consumer Technical Support Team after you posted this and it sounds like the issue you were having has been resolved! If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

  55. Gary Hitchcock

    Actually, Bill said:
    “gn tech support seems lost in trying to resolve.”

    That means they could not help. Resound representative should reread his comment and provide help, preferably in the form of a specific answer.

    1. Hi Gerry, Thank you for contacting ReSound! The ReSound Smart App uses data when Location Services is allowed. When you allow Location Services in the app you can use the Finder feature, this sends out data packets every so often to determine your location in case you lose your hearing aids. If you did lose your hearing aids the app would be able to tell you where you were the last time the hearing aids were connected to the app itself. The amount of data this would take up is minimal however, and should not significantly impact your data usage. If you have further questions please contact our consumer support team by either emailing or by calling 1-888-735-4327 and choosing option 1.

  56. I have gone through this entire blog and only found one reference to movie theaters & it was not enough info for me. I have had the Linx7 for 3-1/2 months. I have only been to two movies in that time but I cannot clearly hear the dialog. Unfortunately both films had actors with accents and also portions of the films had “whispered” moments. Do I need to have my audiologist adjust my hearing aids or is there an iPhone adjustment? And if in a theater with Bluetooth on for working with iPhone, I sure do not want the phone ringing or a phone call if a call comes in. Advice please. (I have the iPhone 5.). I have had a crazy experience in my car while using my auto’s Bluetooth device getting GPS instructions from Mapquest when a phone call came in and simultaneously the caller was speaking in my hearing aid. I definitely would not want that to happen in a theater.

    1. Hi Susan, It’s possible that your hearing care professional could make adjustments so that you can hear in those situations better, you will want to consult with them as they know your specific hearing profile and will know what options are available. Another option, if your hearing aids have a tele-coil and the movie theater has a loop system, you may hear better that way.

      If you do not want to have the hearing aids play ringtones when in the movie, turn on “Do Not Disturb” on your iPhone. Here is some more information on this feature: Just remember to turn it back on when you leave the theater!

      If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support Team at or 1-888-735-4327 and choosing option 1.

  57. I currently own Kirkland Signature 6.1 (Resound Lynx) hearing aids. I love them and use all of the technology that I can with them such as iPhone Bluetooth, the TV streamer, etc. I am always using the Choice app on my iPhone or iPads. However there doesn’t seem to be a compatible iWatch app. I would buy an iWatch in a heartbeat if GN Hearing would create an iWatch app! Are there plans for developing the Choice app so it wifi be iWatch compatible?

    1. Hi David, thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we’re unable to comment in detail on future product releases or updates, especially when working with other entities. However, we are always working to increase device support.

  58. I am trying to find a clip on microphone for my iPhone 5 that can be used with my starkey halo 2 hearing aids. The hearing for me is terrific, but i am unable to be handsfree while driving etc.
    suggestions please!

  59. Hi,
    I will probably be getting hearing aids soon, and am looking at the Resound Lynx sold through Costco. I will surely want to have streaming capability. Unfortunately, my cell phone is an Samsung Galaxy S7, and it would be difficult for me to change the phone. I hope Resound will introduce direct streaming to Android devices such as the S7 which support Bluetooth Smart. Apple makes fine products to be sure, but many of us have Android cell phones.

    Thanks, and keep on innovating!

    1. I read that Apple approached Resound and told them they wanted them to make a hearing aid specifically for Apple. Apple wants hearing aids to be “cooler” and more widely accepted I read. Thus the bluetooth connection. Costco is in the business because the founder needed hearing aids and was shocked at the high prices of them. I know I emailed Apple a few years back and told them that hearing loss is the fastest growing disability in the US and was hoping Apple could help us hearing aid users. I do have the Costco Kirkland 6.0 and love them! Good luck.

    2. ‘in Germany the Google Apps Store announces that the ReSound Smart App v. 3.3.1 App is compatible with:
      • Samsung Galaxy® S7
      • Samsung Galaxy® S7 Edge
      • Samsung Galaxy® S6
      • Samsung Galaxy® S6 Edge
      • Samsung Galaxy® S5
      • Samsung Galaxy® S4
      • Samsung Galaxy® Note 4
      • Samsung Galaxy® Note 5
      Myself I miss the “Samsung Galaxy® S5 mini” !? How about it?

      1. Hi pBi, thank you for contacting ReSound. The ReSound Smart app is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. We consider that a “sub-variant” of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  60. Using ReSound LiNX 2 hearing aids. They are properly paired with iPhone (ver 9.3.3). When receiving or making phone call, the right aid will signal battery failure and shut down. rRSound app shows the phone is paired to aids as BOTH “all around” and “IPHONE”. The ReSound App shows right battery half dead. Right aid remains dead unless I open & close battery door a couple of times OR if I do nothing, the “startup” bongs start after a period of time and aid is working again. Same scenario will happen if I am playing solitaire on iPhone. Within a minute the right aid will give battery failure sound and shut down. These problems have existed with at least two previous software versions on iPhone. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

  61. I have EXACTLY the same issue with my aids, Linx2 TS 62 STD RIC. it’s ALWAYS the right aid that shows the half dead battery and shuts down. I can open the battery cover and then close it after ~10 seconds and it will work fine, battery indicator shows full charge for a while, then it will happen again. Eventually, the battery will show as dead, even if moved to the left aid (but, it is ALWAYS the right aid battery that dies excessively quickly. Besides making phone calls, this will happen when I stream music while walking (I will have to replace the set of batteries (technically, only the right one, but, I usually replace both) after just two days of streaming when I walk for 30-45 min a day. Funny thing is, it is something to do with the bluetooth, not the aid shutting down, as, I can (usually) still hear outside sounds on the right aid, just BTE no longer works on that side.

    1. After I posted my problem on the ReSound blog I got a reply from ReSound asking me to contact them. I spoke to a tech support person who had me re-set my Network Settings on the iPhone. After doing so I unpaired the phone and then re-paired it. I did have to re-enter my wi-fi passwords after doing all this. The tech called me on the iPhone and I had no problems or drop offs. Give it a try

  62. Pingback: How To Set Up Different Sound Profiles On Iphone | Remaind

  63. I just got an Enzo 2 to demo. Using it with a iPhone 5s. Like it so far, but am having a pairing issue. It seems to lose it’s pairing just with the iOS compatibility interface (triple click) after it’s turned off and separated from the phone. This happened 2x to me and I had to re-pair it to get the triple click functioning again. I’ve been using the iOS accessibility triple-click for volume adjustment and find that when I turn the Enzo back on in the morning, triple-click does not work … it shows a screen, but no volume control, etc.. I tried turning on/off Bluetooth on the phone a few times, no luck. The funny thing is that the Resound Smart app still has it’s pairing and works fine .. but the iOS compatibility interface seems to lose it’s pairing. Any ideas?

  64. With the release of iOS 10, were there any changes or fixes made on the iPhone side of things, especially with BlueTooth, and will new applications and firmware be released by Resound to take advantage of any changes? I know Apple’s W1 chip is receiving a LOT of interest–any possibility Resound is looking at adding it in to newer aids–and if so, will there be some kind of an upgrade path?


  65. I’ve had my Resound Linx 9 for about a week and have an iphone6. The “Smart App” that I downloaded has “t-phone” program…..what is that? Also, it does not have an “Outdoors” program that I see in the manual. I also don’t have the “Wind” feature on the Sound Enhancer screen. I tried deleting the App and starting over and get the same thing. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hello Dewey,

      Thank you for contacting ReSound! The T-Phone program utilizes a telecoil to improve audio from a phone when you use it in the more traditional way, up against the ear and the hearing aid. Your Hearing Care Professional likely set this up for use with a landline phone. With your iPhone 6, you can stream directly to your hearing aids, which utilizes the “phone” program rather than the “t-phone” program added by your Hearing Care Professional. He or she can provide specific guidance on the programs set up for you.

      In regards to options within the ReSound Smart App such as “Outdoor” and “Wind”, those are available through programming by your Hearing Care Professional as well. Any changes to programs set up in the fitting software will appear in your ReSound Smart App.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

      1. This is off topic, but as of now Resound appears to have forgotten to renew their internet domain name, so the resound web site is inaccessible.

      2. Hello Alex,

        Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We are happy to inform you that is once again up and running. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  66. My iPhone 6 no longer lets me use it as a microphone. When I a tap on “Start Live Listen”, the the iPhone mike seems to be working for around a second, with the message “End Live Listen” and then immediately reverts to “Start Live Listen”. I am wondering if this problem is related iOS10. I have noted for the first time, that under “SETTINGS”=>”Privacy”=>”Microphone”, there is a heading “Applications that have requested access to the microphone will appear here”. My iPhone has no entries here. So my question is why is “CHOICE” not listed; i.e. maybe it needs updating to iOS10 level ???

    1. Hello Lloyd, the ‘Choice” app will not show up, because it is not involved in the streaming at all. “Live Listen” is built by, and is a feature of, Apple’s iOS. If “Live Listen” is not properly engaging, it could indicate an issue with the pairing between the hearing aids and the phone. We would suggest to forget and re-pair the hearing aids with the phone. Here are those steps.

      On your phone, go to: settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices – tap on your name/model of hearing aids – tap “forget this device” and confirm by tapping “forget” again – Open your hearing aid battery doors for a few seconds and then re-close them – when the name of your hearing aid appears again, tap on the name – accept all pairing requests.

      You may also want to consider restarting your phone as well as it is good for overall phone health and behavior.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions. If this issue continues please feel free to contact our Consumer Support Line at 888-735-4327.

  67. Luc-Louis LEDENT

    Is there any way you can pair Resound Linx Hearing Aids with a laptop using Blue Tooth functionalities of the device ?

    1. Hello Luc-Louis, that is an excellent question. Direct streaming is a joint function of the hearing aids, Apple iOS and specific Apple hardware. Other Bluetooth devices, such as a laptop, need to utilize the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ to connect and stream from the laptop. One thing to note, although the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ will work with many computers, we have not tested it with all devices. Please let us know if you have any further questions or contacted our Consumer Support line if you are in need of any help getting connected.

  68. I have been using streaming for my Resound hearing aid from my iPhone 6s. It works great but there are occasions when I want to turn it off and have the phone ring normally through its loudspeakers. Unfortunately, turning off streaming alone does not restore the ringing through the phone’s speakers, even though it does stop live streaming. How can I get my iPhone to switch to normal operation instead of streaming.

    1. Hello Tony, Thanks for contacting ReSound. The easiest way to use the phone without streaming to the hearing aids is to swipe up from the bottom of the phone to access control and the swipe to go to the right. You will see “Tony’s Hearing Aids” or something similar – tap on this and select “iPhone”. This change will be active until your hearing aids disconnect and re-connect to the phone, or until you change it back. If you want this change to stick for a longer period of time, go to – Settings – General – Accessibility – Hearing aids. Here, if you go to audio routing, you have a number of choices for call and media audio routing. If you tap on the name of your hearing aids, you can turn off streaming all together.

      As far as the ringtone, make sure that the silencer switch on the left side of the phone is not pushed back and make sure that the volume of the ring is not turned all the way down. Beyond these two measure, I would check-in with Apple as the hearing aids have no control over the normal ring of the phone.

  69. I’m hoping Resound does not forget about Android phones. I have Cala 8 hearing aids I purchased at Costco, and I have a Samsung S7; I I link the aids to my phone via the Phone Clip+, but this is certainly less convenient that the iPhone system. Heck, I’m even on my second phone clip since my first disappeared (probably fell out of my pocket).

    I can control my aids directly with the Samsung S7, but it sure would be nice if I could stream directly as well.

  70. Hi! I am really happy with my Resound Lynx and iPhone 6!
    Somebody told me I can use the iPhone as a
    Is that right?

  71. I want a clip on bluetooth mic that works for calls the resound hearing aids are great and work well for me trouble is my call recipiants cant hear me when “hands free” for inability to keep phone under my chin. Cant just plug one in to the iphone 7plus brilliant apple in all of its wisdom obsoleted the jack!

    1. Hello Craig,
      Thanks for reaching out to us. It sounds like you might be interested in using the Made for iPhone capabilities of ReSound Smart Hearing Aids or the ReSound Phone Clip+. You can find more information on our website ( or we recommend contacting your hearing care professional so you can start having a more “hands free” experience.

  72. Hi,

    I bought Enzo 5 last week for 15 days trail. Its streams very well but call quality is not good enough to understand speech and also I’m getting interference sound if I’m holding mobile phone near to my hearing aids even with iPhone with Hearing aids mode activated.
    So Is it possible to re-program only for iPhone 5S without touching others programs and also to avoid interference and speech clarity as well in Telecoil program.


  73. Question on the use of theGN Resound Linx2 TS 62 STD RIC with the iPhone 7 Plus. I had moderate issues with the iPhone 6s Plus in that the right aid would break out of streaming, playing 4 beeps (the regular external hearing worked fine). I got my aids in April, 2016 from the Denver VAMC, and have assumed that part of my issue may be resolvable with a firmware update?

    I mentioned that to the VA Audi, and…she acted like she’d never heard of firmware updates, so, she called Resound–the tech she talked to didn’t act like HE knew of any updates, so, basically, nothing was done to the aids, and, they still have the psst

    Sooooo….IS there a firmware update needed to make the aids more compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus, and, if so, what do I need to tell the Audi (and/or the Resound tech, if they are called again) to get this update?

    Thanks. l

      1. I have similar problem but it’s my IPhone … works perfectly on my I pad .. dropping my phone into apple soon

    1. Hello Bill, there hasn’t been a firmware update to specifically improve connectivity. However, it doesn’t hurt to have the current firmware, but nothing that would be required for continued functionality for your hearing aids.

      We would suggest resetting the network settings and re-pair the hearing aids. Here are those steps.

      Resetting the Network Settings and repairing your hearing aids.

      Make sure that you have/know your Wi-Fi passwords (as this will be forgotten during the process of resetting). You will also need to re-pair your phone to your car if you have a car Bluetooth system. We also highly recommend turning off any other Bluetooth devices (iPad, iPod etc…) during the pairing process. This can sometimes cause confusion with the hearing aids. We would encourage you to use fresh batteries to ensure the best connectivity and experience. When you remove the tabs from the batteries, allow them to sit for 2 minutes to fully charge up

      1. Go to settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices and tap on the R+L (depending on which iOS you are running), to the right of your hearing aids. On the next screen, tap and forget the device. If you are unable to forget the device, go to step 2.
      2. Open the hearing aid battery doors on your hearing aids.
      3. Go to settings – general – reset (at the bottom) – reset network settings. You will be prompted for your pass code if your phone is pass code protected. Confirm that you would like to reset network settings by clicking on the red writing in the pop up box. Your phone will now reset the settings and restart.
      4. Once your phone has restarted go to: settings – general – accessibility – hearing aids/devices.
      5. Close your hearing aid battery doors. Your hearing aids will show up in black writing.
      6. Tap on the writing and accept any pairing requests that pop up.
      7. Allow about 30-45 seconds for the hearing aids to finish their connection. You may hear a series of beeps and a musical trill in each hearing aid.

      If you have additional questions, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 or

  74. Woody Fitzmaurice

    I have this working fine on my iPhone 6+. I cannot raise the volume high enough. The sound app does not increase volume. If the app volume is increased only a buzz increases but not the Bluetooth volume.

  75. What is the difference between the restaurant and party program? Do I have to have the audiologist add speech focus and wind to sound enhancer (only showing noise)?

    Is there a way to ignore a phone call when streaming? Noticed my only option was to answer the call or let it ring until it stopped which was annoying. I was on the landline phone when a call on my iPhone (iPhone 6+) came in and could not turn the stream off. I had to put the person on the landline on hold until the iPhone stopped ringing in my ear.

    1. Hi Ruth, thank you for reaching out to ReSound. Programs are set by your hearing care professional and are unique based on your hearing loss. You can also discuss adding the speech in noise and comfort in wind features with them as well. Regarding the phone question, please contact our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 or and they would be happy to discuss with you.

    2. In response to the first question, here’s my perspective as a user. Party is basically Restaurant on steroids. Both of them reduce background noise and aim the mic forward, but Party does it to a greater extent. I no longer have Restaurant as a preset and just use Party in restaurants or other noisy places. I even use it in church or other situations where the background noise isn’t a problem but I need to focus forward. Plus, it just seems more festive!

  76. Hi ,

    I’m Sandeep Bellad from India.
    Is there any option that can we off mic in telecoil? . I want default setting that only telecoil should be on to concentrate conversations in noisy. I understand that there is option in Resound app that we can put mic off but I have to put off every time and every day which is I don’t like . So I’m expecting option of default settings as like in other hearing aids !

      1. Hi Team,
        I have asked common technical queries and useful for all over world .
        Please answer if you have !!!.
        No matter which country I belong to.

        Many Thanks
        Sandeep Bellad

    1. With just 3 clicks on the iPhone home button you gain full control of the resound hearing-aids coil usage. Is simple enough for me to do really do not see as a nuisance. I really cant complain about resound at all, these LS561-DRW have surprisingly survived getting ran over by an 18 wheeler and all functions still work like new!!!! I doubt you find an aid as durable any where else. Best wishes.

  77. Our adult continuing education classes at our local library has a classroom wired with a T-Coil loop which works well with T-Coil enabled hearing aids. I do not, yet, wear hearing aids but would like to know if it is possible to receive the T-Coil signal directly with a newer iPhone with IOS 10 software (iPhone SE)? If this were possible, I could then use either wired or wireless (bluetooth) earbuds to gain the benefits of the T-Coil system. As an alternative, I’ve, also, wondered if it would be easily possible to feed the classroom’s audio signal into the library’s WiFi network so that it could be received by the iPhone? It seems that these possibilities could already exist.

    I’d appreciate any comments.

    Sincerely, Bob

    1. The made for iPhone hearing aids gets by all this though … t coil is old hat now, you can simply place the phone wherever you find best and it acts as microphone and streams direct to your ha’s … much better quality sound

      1. Hi Russell,

        I also tried the way as you suggested but I don’t feel sound is much better quality as you said.
        I’m using iPhone 5S.

        Sandeep Bellad

  78. Have any owners of the linx2 reported quality issues when streaming music or listening to a phone call using an iphone6?
    The reason I ask is I saw a resound rep yesterday and the quality issue seems to be related to the iphone and not the hearing aids.

  79. Pingback: Wireless Technology for Hearing Aids | Berger Audiology

  80. Hi,

    Is possible to convert iPhone as intermediate device to Enzo hearing aids . For ex : I want to connect landline phone output to iPhone via AUX cable instead of Multi mic. So that I want to have telephone conversation using iPhone as intermediate device instead on Multi Mic. Kindly suggest

    Many Thanks
    Sandeep Bellad

    1. Hi Sandeep, thank you for reaching out to ReSound. From what we understand, the iPhone cannot act as an intermediary device, but we recommend reaching out to Apple on this.

    2. Hi Sandeep, Not sure where you are located in the world. I am in USA and using VoIP service called Ooma – replacing my old landline phone. With Ooma premier services, you have an option to ring your landline number to one of your assigned mobile number. So, when your landline phone ring, your mobile phone also ring. You can answer either with mobile phone or landline phone. It is very convenient, especially when away from home. Hope this help.

  81. Ern Roosendaal

    Hi my wife has just obtained a new pair of Resound LiNx 2 9 BTE hearing aids and she is over the moon, however the Bluetooth Name shows up as Sandy and her name is Sylvia, is there any way I can change it to her correct name?

    1. Hi Ern, thank you for contacting ReSound. We happy your wife is happy with her ReSound hearing aids. The name that appears can only be updated by your wife’s hearing care provider.

  82. I have just purchased the ReSound Cala 8 from Costco and I,m using a iPhone 7Plus with iOS 10.3.2. I have the ReSound app on my iPhone and I’m really liking the options. I have two questions. Will the ReSound app use a lot of my Verizon Data plan? And also how to you add a new program to the app. I can add a favorite, but how to you add a favorite program other than overall, party, and outdoor?

  83. Thank you so much for trying to clarify this! I wear good aids but refuse to pay 6000 for the latest gadgetry. Only how to use my tcoil capabilities is huge.

  84. I have the Resound LS962-DRW (what it says on my iPhone 7+). I first got the aids when I had the iPhone 6, did all the iOS updates when released, and now have the iPhone 7+ running iOS 11.0.3. Ever since I got the aids, I’ve had a problem with either one or the other not connecting, or stopping streaming (in the middle of a song or phone call). I have had BOTH aids replaced at different times, and have asked numerous times about a need for a firmware update (I get them from the VA), and have gotten blank stares from the audi, and she had even called Resound Tech Support about a “firmware upgrade”, and they both acted like there was no such thing.

    What is the required firmware upgrade for my aids, and how can I tell what version I have. I seriously doubt with two different phones, and numerous iOS updates and un-pairing and re-pairing of the aids, that they are working correctly, so, only thing I cannot check or control is the firmware. Please do NOT respond for me to “talk to my audi or Resound Tech Support”, as…that hasn’t worked out so far. We should be able to determine things like this, if the clinicians we go to for support are unable to.


    1. I stream my iPhone 7+ to my resound LS561-DRW (R+L) daily like crazy calls music and live listen. The occasional glitch is expected. No bluetooth I have found under anything “apple” is perfect; just cycle the bluetooth to off for 5 seconds then back on and allow the mia resound hearing-aid to reconnect. Viola problem solved. If this really pesters you, consider switching brands to a $10,000-$15,000 pair “they are out and available” ; then demand flawless wireless capability. Either way; I’m betting the xtra $ spent will be a waste as its still an apple. Or maybe get an an droid that resound says is compatible. I’m going to experiment for better results with my wifes galaxy s 7 in 2 weeks. Best wishes hope this helps.

  85. Don’t see a particular Blog entry on Apple Watch, but, I have the Apple Watch 4 running WatchOS 6.0.1 and the iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.1.2. Several versions of hardware and software ago, I was able to add the regular Smart App in as a complication to the watch face (not just as selectable software as with all the other apps), then that stopped being available. I now have the Lynx 3D, so use the Smart 3D App, and…same thing, it doesn’t show up as available to use as a complication of the watch face (I use the Infograph Modular face). Will this ever be fixed. Also, unless the Smart/Smart 3D App is already running on my iPhone, trying to use it on the Apple Watch, gives you a “connection error”, so I have to have it first running on my iPhone, then I can use it on my Apple Watch–will that ever get fixed?


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