Benefits of Being “In The Loop”

Retired attorney, Christine Klessig, began wearing hearing aids 25 years ago and was recently fit with ReSound hearing instruments and wireless accessories. Despite wearing hearing aids for more than a third of her life, it wasn’t until 5 years ago that she felt that she was truly able to hear again.  What changed?  She discovered hearing loop technology.

klessigA hearing loop is a system that provides a magnetic, wireless signal to hearing aids that have a telecoil built inside. The user needs only to change the setting on their hearing aid to take advantage of the technology when they are at a location that has a loop installed. This is not new technology; it has been used in Europe for years.  Now, more and more entertainment venues, churches and public places are installing loop technology for people with hearing disabilities to tap into.

Prior to discovering loop technology, Klessig was still having problems understanding people in group settings. “The first time I experienced a hearing loop, it was like having my hearing restored,” she says. “It was definitely an ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Since learning about the technology, Klessig has had a hearing loop installed in her home as well as her car. She has also been a driving force in having the hearing loop installed at several central Wisconsin venues.

[Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, July 19, 2013]

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