Because Moments Matter

Ever had a moment with a patient that has warmed your heart or brought a tear to your eye?  The joy you see on the faces of your patients when they are first re-introduced into the world of sound is priceless. These moments are what makes the hearing healthcare profession so special and  we want to hear all about them.

ReSound has created “Moments“, a movement to collect stories from hearing healthcare professionals about the everyday patient moments that inspire you.

Tell us about a Moment you’ve created for your patients. Help us celebrate the hearing healthcare profession and the stories you help create.

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1 Response to Because Moments Matter

  1. Reblogged this on Accurate Hearing Centers and commented:
    One of my favorite stories from a patient is that she went home and was petting her cat and she heard her purr. She had the cat for 6 years and never knew that she could purr. 🙂

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