ReSound Gives Sound

At ReSound, we often receive requests for hearing aid donations.  We have created the ReSound Gives Sound program to respond to these requests. Program applications may include requests in the following categories:

  • Mission Trip – an organized charitable trip to provide hearing instruments and supplies to a low income area. (One request honored per quarter)
  • Monetary Donation – request for funds from an individual or organization in the hearing industry, to be used for charitable purposes. (One $500 request honored per month)
  • Individual Patient Request – low income individual seeking hearing instruments at no cost. These requests must be made through a licensed hearing care professional, who is prepared to fit the instruments at no cost to the patient. (Two requests honored per month)
  • Corporate Partnership – a giving program initiated by an organization within the hearing industry, to include hearing instruments and supplies. Special negotiations required with the ReSound Marketing & Sales executive staff. (One request honored per quarter)

JeanneReSound customer, Clarity Hearing Center, recently submitted a ReSound Gives Sound application on behalf of patient, Jeanne Halvorson.  Ms. Halvorson received Alera 961 RIC hearing aids through the program.  Without financial assistance, she would not have been able to afford even basic hearing aids.

“Hearing aids would really  improve her quality of life,” wrote hearing instrument specialist, Rey Moore, on his application to ReSound.

Jeanne Halvorson

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