Global Audiology “Compresses” 2 years Into 1

One of the areas in which Global Audiology contributes to the GN ReSound business is in what we call “Audiology Global Relations”, headed up by John Nelson. Each year, we strive to expand our reach and impact in this area, and 2012 was a record-setting year. Global Audiology members were in the field supporting sales with product launch events, customer seminars and training, customer visits, speaking at conventions, and student outreach activities a total of 534 days. According to our resource allocation planning, this is 24 “man months”, or just plain two years of work!

charlotteCharlotte Jespersen (pictured) and Kimi Moeller held educational seminars on the impact and treatment of mild hearing loss in a 6 city tour of New Zealand sponsored by the local subsidiary.

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