Customer Spotlight – Jennifer LaBorde

For Jennifer LaBorde, Doctor of Audiology at Medical Center Clinic, treating hearing loss is close to her heart…….. because she is hard of hearing herself. Ironically, Jennifer had already started her path to becoming an audiologist when she found out that she needed hearing aids one month before graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree.  “I got hearing aids in graduate school and this has certainly helped me in my practice,” she says.  “I have empathy for my patients and can relate to their descriptions of certain experiences.”

Having experienced the benefits of hearing technology herself, Jennifer can provide personal feedback and recommendations to patients considering amplification. Jennifer recently started wearing ReSound Verso 962 hearing aids. “I can’t say enough about the cell phone sound quality with the Verso! And quality of soft speech…wow! William (4 year old son) loves to whisper in my ear and I could hear more of what he said than ever before.  Today I heard the hole puncher squeak from my office in the lab. The girls at the office were freaking out!”

Train Trip to Chicago – Summer 2012

Outside of audiology, Jennifer leads a busy life as the mother of two sons, ages 8 and 4.  She spends a lot of time volunteering at school events, being “Team Mom” for baseball teams and enjoying every precious minute she has with her two incredible young men.  For fun, she is a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and enjoys “girl time” helping friends shop for cute organizational bags, totes and purses.

Jennifer and her husband love to travel.  For their summer family vacation this year, they took an overnight train trip from New Orleans to Chicago and had a blast exposing the boys to this fun way to travel.  Jennifer also enjoys hiking and recently hiked around North Lake Tahoe, with stunning views. Living near the beach, she also enjoys relaxing on the beach with an adult beverage and watching the sunset.

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