“I Can Hear My Daughter – With My Eyes Closed!”

Lipreading Mom, Shanna Groves, has been blogging about her listening experiences ever since she was fit with ReSound Verso and the Unite wireless accessories on October 22.  The Mini Microphone, in particular, has opened up her World, allowing her to hear sounds unavailable to her for more than a decade.

“The Mini-Mic helps me hear conversation in various settings. Such as in the car with my adorably loud kids, or in a noisy restaurant with a friend, or at the doctor’s office with a chatty nurse who has her back turned to me,” says Shanna. “By the way, I used my Mini-Mic in all of those settings today. And I had the most relaxing and engaging conversations in 10 years.”

Before the Mini-Mic, Shanna resorted to lipreading her kids in the rear view mirror while she drove. Since getting the Mini Mic, she hasn’t once looked in the mirror to lipread her kids.  Instead, her kids take turns wearing the Mini Mic in the back seat so that she can hear them clearly through her ReSound Verso hearing aids.  “My daughter told me about her school day from the backseat of our car while I drove. Thanks to the Mini-Mic she wore, I didn’t have to lip read her through the rear view mirror—a first!  At home, my daughter spoke to me through the Mini-Mic, and I understood her words—with my eyes closed!”

“What a difference one day of good hearing makes!” says Shanna. “Hearing aids are a gift.”

And this comes from the woman who wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing hearing aids ten years ago. Her story shows that the stigma can be overcome and that technology really is making lives better.

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