Customer Spotlight – Dusty Potter

I Weara AleraYou may remember Dusty Potter, President of Ear Level Communications, from the “I Weara Alera” video. Did you know that Dusty is often regarded as one of the leading experts of digital hearing technology and in-ear acoustics in the state of Texas?

Dusty has been involved with fitting multiple celebrities and media personalities and, in his spare time, enjoys being a “rock star” himself.  He plays in two bands: Attebury Blueprint (Jazz/Rock) and BlueLight Special (old school greasy Blues).

Attebury Blueprint, just did a concert to benefit “Hearing Impaired Children of Latin America”.  Here’s a recent performance at The Office Tavern in Wichita Falls, Texas.

BlueLight Special also performed at The Office Tavern in 2010.  Here’s a video from that performance.


Dusty is also actively involved in charity work, organizing Mission Trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.  Read about some f the work Dusty has done in “Bringing the Gift of Sound to Children in the Dominican Republic“, a blog post Dusty contributed to the ReSound Blog last year.

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