ReSound Donates Over $100,000 in Hearing Aids to Children in the BVI

ReSound, along with a team of US audiologists,  has donated AleraTM hearing aids, wireless accessories and fitting services to children-in-need in the British Virgin Islands.

ReSound partnered with a number of US audiologists and students from NOVA Southeastern University in Florida to fit 14 underprivileged children in the British Virgin Islands with ReSound AleraTM hearing aids.  These children were identified by the Audiology Unit of the BVI Health Services Authority.

The normal cost of a standard hearing test ranges from $125 to $250; electrophysiological testing ranges from $250 to $300; and fitting the hearing aid would have cost about $5,000 per child. As there is not an Audiologist on the island, ReSound also provided backup hearing aids.

ReSound donated a total of 54 AleraTM hearing aids, 200 receivers, 17 UniteTM Remote Controls, 17 UniteTM Mini  Microphones and 2 Airlink wireless fitting accessories, resulting in a total monetary equivalent of $127,550.

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