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Consumer & Dispenser Feedback Leads to 2G Unite Accessories

Open any kitchen utensil drawer and languishing in the back is likely a collection of wine aerators, garlic peelers, cherry pitters, and other gadgets that promised to make life easier for the home cook but turned out not to be all that useful. The hearing aid industry also has had its share of junk drawer items that did not prove their utility, and quietly disappeared from the market. Continue reading

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More Public Places Are Getting In The “Loop”

In May, we wrote a blog post about Thumper Johnson’s interactive dinner theater event. The event, which was designed to provide a “test drive” experience for participants, was a huge success for Thumper, resulting in quite a number of hearing instrument sales. Continue reading

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Introducing the ReSound Unite Remote Control 2

The ReSound UniteTM Remote Control 2 is now available and features enhancements designed on your requests for improved functionality, performance and convenience. Continue reading

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Introducing the ReSound Unite┬« Phone Clip+

Made for iPhone┬«, the Phone Clip+ makes it even easier for your patients to go mobile! With an outstanding user interface and superior sound quality and hearing aid connection, the Phone Clip+ allows your patients easy, seamless phone conversations. A … Continue reading

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Demoing is the Key to Success

Robin Donham, Product Training Manager for ReSound, recently wrote an article for ADVANCE for Hearing Practice Management on the importance of having a patient test drive a product first hand. Just as you would try out different pairs of glasses … Continue reading

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Incorporating Wireless Technology in Your Practice

By Tammy Stender Wireless hearing aid accessories are opening doors for our patients. They are designed to improve listening in situations that have been challenging for hearing aids, including the television, stereo, PC, MP3 player and significant others. For the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Pairing a Phone Clip with a Cell Phone

The Phone Clip provides patients with the benefit of hands free talk time, when used with their cellular phone. Below are some tips to try when troubleshooting the pairing of a cellular phone to the Phone Clip. When a set … Continue reading

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