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“I Can Hear My Daughter – With My Eyes Closed!”

Lipreading Mom, Shanna Groves, has been blogging about her listening experiences ever since she was fit with ReSound Verso and the Unite wireless accessories on October 22.  The Mini Microphone, in particular, has opened up her World, allowing her to … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – The Mini Mic Rocks!

Since the launch of the Unite Mini Microphone, we’ve heard nothing but good things from our customers about how it is helping to transform the lives of their patients. Tricia Veik at Concept by IOWA Hearing AID Centers shared a … Continue reading

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Unite Mini Mic – Motivation for “Learning French”

When it comes to new hearing technology, there’s often a barrier to adoption because it’s simply easier to stick with what you know.  Embracing new technologies and learning how to use the software is like learning a new language and … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Accessing the Second Streamer

Aventa 3 allows for up to three streamer accessories to be paired with the hearing instrument(s). For example, a TV Streamer may be setup in Slot A, a Mini Mic in Slot B, and another TV Streamer in Slot C. … Continue reading

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Solving the Speech Intelligibility in Noise Problem

By Tammara Stender, Au.D Hearing aid performance in noisy situations is listed as one of the top ten factors in hearing aid user satisfaction.  New innovative approaches to facilitating hearing in noise may increase satisfaction among hearing instrument users. These … Continue reading

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