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Can My Patient Use a Bluetooth® Stethoscope with Wireless Hearing Aids?

By Jenny Groth Hearing aid wearers who must use stethoscopes in their jobs have long been challenged by how to make them work with their hearing aids. Today, hearing aids and stethoscopes are commercially available that each advertise Bluetooth® capabilities, … Continue reading

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Wireless Technology: The Evolution

Wireless is not a new concept–even for hearing instruments. The challenge is which technology to use and how to use it. ReSound’s John Nelson, Ph.D., & Jill Mecklenburger, Au.D., presented at the 2013 AudiologyNOW! conference an overview of hearing instrument … Continue reading

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A Clinical Perspective on Working with Wireless

All technology connecting hearing instruments to sound sources or other people has one major functional goal–to improve the signal to noise ratio making speech easier to discriminate especially in the presence of background noise. Contemporary hearing instruments offer such connectivity … Continue reading

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The 5 Myths of Wireless Hearing Technology

By Jennifer Groth, M.A. There is still some misunderstanding in the industry about what makes a hearing aid wireless.  Over the next week, I will be posting the 5 most common myths associated with wireless hearing technology. Myth #1: “My … Continue reading

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