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“Hearing aids opened a whole world for me”

By Mercy Semeyian Though still a young adult, I have battled to retain my hearing for years. My trouble started a few months before sitting (for) my final primary education examination. In Kenya, our final year is full of intense … Continue reading

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ReSound hearing aids change a family’s everyday lives!

The Reeves have two children with hearing loss and discovered how ReSound hearing aids could help their family communicate. We are parents to two children with sensory neural hearing loss.  Brady now 22 and Curtis 19. Brady was diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Au.D Insights | “Get as much practical experience as you can”

Kimi Nina Møller, M.A., conducts testing and trials of hearing aids and accessories, writing the test plans and reports and presenting the results to colleagues. She also presents new research and new products at different conferences around the world, as … Continue reading

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Broaden Your Possibilities (and Your Fitting Range) with the ReSound LiNX Ultra Power Receiver

By Mandi Chambless ReSound LiNX is much more than a Made for iPhone® hearing aid. Sure, the streaming quality is fantastic and the iPhone capabilities open up a whole new world for end users, but don’t forget that thanks to … Continue reading

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Giving Back – Providing a Helping Hand

By Marie Vetter, Au.D., Chicago Hearing Services With the holiday season coming to an end, it is important to not lose sight of the spirit of giving and continue in 2014 to help those less fortunate. As an audiologist I … Continue reading

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Consumer Marketing – The RATER Model

Guest blogger, Geoff Cooling, describes how practice owners can assess their marketing elements using the RATER model. The RATER Model is an excellent tool that can be applied to many sectors, but is quite satisfactory for use in Healthcare to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to People with Normal Hearing

By Shanna Groves, Guest Blogger I want to discuss an important difference we have—something that can impact our entire communication from this point forward. When you were born, your hearing was normal. So was mine. For years, I took the … Continue reading

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Stop Hearing Loss Bullying author, Shanna Groves, has started a community awareness campaign called Stop Hearing Loss Bullying. In schools and the workplace, people with hearing loss face unnecessary harassment from fellow students and co-workers. Shanna has created a petition and gathered nearly … Continue reading

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