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If Santa Were An Audiologist

With the holiday season upon us, how would Santa Claus’ job change if he happened to be an audiologist or hearing care professional as well?  Let us know if you have anything to add to the list! He would use … Continue reading

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5 Things We Can Learn from Hearing Loss Research

In the audiology industry, there are certainly many research studies conducted and a lot of interesting points deduced from these studies. Hearing Health Matters recently ran a column on this topic.  Below is a summary of the 5 research outcomes … Continue reading

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The Audiologist’s Guide to “Pick-up” Lines

Here’s a little bit of light humor for a Friday!  Any other one-liners you would add to the list? How do you find humor in your everyday work as an audiologist? Below are our favorite audiologist pick-up lines.  Let us … Continue reading

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